A WTF Moment While In the WTS

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  • Mandrake


    in Chile we were charged for literature until 2001-2002, I remember

  • pometerre21

    One of my WTF moments was from the 2014 Convention (don't even remember the theme) when they showed a video and it had the Twin Towers in it.

    Even WORLDLY TV shows like The Simpsons and Sex and The City edited out the Twin Towers because they realized how triggering and emotional it would be for people to see that. And JWs just went ahead and put it right in a video. I thought that was pretty messed up.

  • jookbeard

    during the WACO siege in early 1903 I really began to do some deep research into their doctrines, nothing stood up to scrutiny, 1914, other timeline predictions they'd made, Armageddon, the Resurrection,the time of the end, the slave being appointed as the mouthpiece etc,I just thought its all madness, a pointless waste of everyone's time and energy, this life saving message is in the hands of these strange people trudging around the town walking endlessly for hours doing nothing but gossiping, I had faded, I was done.

  • Funchback

    We had a terrible flood in the suburbs of Philadelphia back in the early 2000s (before 2004).

    At that time, our main KH funds account (I've been gone so long, I don't even remember the name) had over $40k (U.S.) in it. Even so, there was a special needs part about helping those within our congregation who were affected by the floods, asking all of us to chip in.

    It was a WTF for me because I was thinking about all that money sitting in the bank (and it had been steadily growing as they announced the balance every month) and here were were, being asked to dig out of our own resources to help out.

    I was happy to help out without the need of being prodded into doing so. What ticked me off was the elders asking us to help out when the account had all that money sitting there.

    Anyway, I didn't have much money but I took the whole family to a shoe store (DSW) and bought them all new shoes (mom, dad, and their 4 kids). I ended up overdrafting my account in the process.

  • mentalclarity

    I had several WTF moments that I chose to ignore...when we were studying at bookstudy about the two witnesses that die and are resurrected and somehow this related to witnesses being imprisoned and the work ceasing....it was all a little bit of stretch. Anytime prophecies were applied to JW history, I was super skeptical.

    Another time an experience was given from a visiting elder giving a public talk. I don't remember the details but it involved a busload of people, a rock falling from a cliff on top of the bus and only the JW's surviving. I was like...WTF? First this probably isn't true, and second...are we celebrating the fact that the other people died???

    Last WTF moment- it was the circuit overseer's visit and he must have been giving the "needs" talk. I was sitting in the back room with my kids. Sister Loving was glaring at me because I guess they were being a little loud. Meanwhile, the CO is going on and on about how we should be humble and accept the guidance from the faithful and discreet slave. I must have heard the word humble echo in my brain a hundred times.I had my AHA moment- all the doubts/unkind people/and emotional, manipulative language coming from the platform came together and shattered what little faith I had. I walked out with my kids (the talk was still in full swing) and I never have been in a Kingdon Hall since. That was almost a decade ago.

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