A WTF Moment While In the WTS

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    My WTF moment was not as a result of what any individual said, but what I saw. It was at the last RC held at Twickenham RFU Stadium. Other convention sites which would normally have been available were cancelled that year. The WTBTS de cided to concentrate on fewer venues to save money perhaps?

    But back to my WTF moment. I stepped off the public transport and saw all these convention flags mounted on the lamp posts outside the stadium. A significant number of the flags had the miserable countenance of a governing body member on them. I was really shocked at the conceit of such a portrayal. This year I was less shocked when I saw a gb member on the convention programme.

    I no longer attend conventions.

    I no longer contribute money.

    I no longer submit reports.

    I rarely attend meetings.

    Yes, the GB are truly repellant.

  • Crazyguy

    Wow pics of gbs on flags wtf, never heard of this!!!

  • smiddy

    My WTF moment came when the "Revelation" book came out dealing with the seven trumpets and linking that scripture to the 1922 Cedar Point Ohio Convention and the suceeding conventions that followed .

    My initial reaction was are they serious ? This scripture has its fullfillment with conventions of JW`s starting in 1922?

    I think that was the beginning of the end for me even though it took many more years for me to call it quits.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    In 2010 (I think) the overlapping generation talk and outline had been leaked on this site months in advance. It was the biggest thing in years I thought.

    At the DC I looked around during this talk and could not beleive the complete indifference by the audience. Nobody seemed to notice or care.


  • pale.emperor

    Ones i can remember:

    The abandoning of Tuesday book study (i was so overjoyed to have a "free" day). This was painted as "new light" from Jehovah. Nobody seemed to know the reason why, but some elders suggested from the platform that its because when armageddon comes we'd all need to be together as a congregation and not in little groups.

    Another was at a convention, the speaker said "our young sisters, is your boyfriend or fiancee and ministerial servant or elder? If not, why not?" so of course all us young brothers felt like shit. My then girlfriend was already an uber-spiritual daughter of an "anointed" elder so i didn't need that.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    There are two that I remember clearly. The first was when the "What does the Bible Teach" book came out and we started studying it for the bookstudy. It was so mind numbingly dumbed down I found myself getting frustrated thinking to myself "How are we going to become experts on the Bible if we're reading at a first grade level?"

    Grown men and women we're raising their hands and answering "Jehovah" and "Jesus". It was so bizarre.

    The second one came when they had the big announcement at the upcoming convention about "new light" in regards to the statue with a gold face, silver chest, etc. Everyone was a buzz about how big this was and the invitations we passed out even brought this up.

    They really went all out in selling the "new light".

    Well, low and behold, when we got to the third day of the convention - everything leading up to this and dancing around the "upcoming big announcement" what did we get? Why, a big nothing burger of course. The new light was that the iron and clay feet of the statue - which had always represented the US and the UK - actually might represent the US, the UK, and maybe some unidentified "other countries".

    Ughh. So disappointing. And also the last convention I ever attended.

  • pale.emperor

    The new light was that the iron and clay feet of the statue - which had always represented the US and the UK - actually might represent the US, the UK, and maybe some unidentified "other countries".

    Isn't it interesting that other Christian religions explain their take on the feet of iron and clay and they stick to it. Because they researched it thoroughly before publishing anything. They didn't jump to conclusions and open their big mouth before looking at it from all angles.

  • Schnufti

    I think my first WTF moment was when I was a teenager. The leading elder of our congregation (how are they called?) disassociated himself and left his family. This bothered me a lot because he supposed to be spiritual, so why did he leave? Seems like he found out TTATT.

  • Lostandfound
    slimboyfat5 hours ago5 hours ago5 hours ago

    In the 1990s a pioneer couple came back from Kenya and said the JWs over there still paid the cover price for the literature while it was being offered free of charge in the UK. How come? They charged poorer countries for a few years longer than western countries. I never heard a good excuse for that.

    the reason was simple , in the UK the VAT tax was threatened on sales of literative at the door, so a contribution arrangement was VAT or tax, free. Many loyal dubs pressured to pay for the magazines in a contribution. Box at that time, so WT lost no money. Kenya had no sales tax, VAT, so charge for mags and Society pocketed all the money. Same reason assembly meals went, tax due on them so bin them.

  • pale.emperor

    Same reason assembly meals went, tax due on them so bin them.

    I was told it was because the brothers and sisters preparing the meals were missing out on the spiritual food while in the kitchen. So the GB lovingly did away with the meals a assemblies. Even at the time i thought that was a lame excuse, i mean, the meal provisions had been going for decades and it'd never been a problem before.

    Makes a lot of sense now.

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