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  • punkofnice

    Stan. I'm still about. You OK?

    New sheep. Yes. I had apple fritters at the market. Yes. I saw the mennonite buggies. There is a mennonite church near my daughter.

  • Giordano

    Hi ya Punk! Good to hear some JW storms have faded away! It's a bitch at times. I arrived here when you were in a life and death situation re family breakups. I read every post you made.

    Still making music! Fantastic. A little lonely at times? Here's the cure...........think about volunteering with kids who want to make music. Why not! You've got a life time of experience.

    I think it's sort of a human obligation to pass your expertise on. Besides which you are not only exposed to the kids but also their parent(s).Maybe a few single moms....who knows?

    Times have changed........ it's no longer about just a baseball camp or ski camp or marching bands it's also about Rock and all of the rest of making music. You can contribute to that aspect of life. Get the basket off of you and let your light shine bright ( I no longer have ANY obligation to get scripture 100% right)

    And remember the social aspects re new friends and companions come from having a common interest......in this case......... music for their child.

    Just saying.

    P.S. I think you went through a total shit storm no doubt about it. But you seem healed up and ready to have a bit of 'more' in your life.

    School of Rock dude! Think about it.

    P.S. EX jazz and rock drummer. Wouldn't go to Bethel (I really didn't want to) and spend the rest of my life gluing binders and practicing Kingdom Songs. The only drumming needed in a KH was a Rim shot when some Elder sounded like the dummy he was.

  • Splash

    Hey Punkster, nice to hear you're over the trauma.

    It's amazing how we have to go through so much to escape the JW religion, but we're all on the broad and spacious (lol) road to freedom now.

    Much like yourself I'm feeling pretty well adjusted these days. The anger and anxiety are gone. I just laugh at the feeble minded JW reasoning and shoo away any self important nobody's that try to exert influence over me - not that any do anymore.

    It's been too long since we had a pint together!

  • jookbeard

    good to hear your still around Punky, its been some time

  • Ding

    Welcome back!

  • newsheep

    My stand was right behind his thirty years ago. I haven't been there since the building had burnt to the ground years ago. When the building first went up you didn't have to buy a spot but after when one would leave you could sell it. Back then there were tons of Mennonites there but now it's mostly vendors who dress up like them but are not mennonite. Edger is new order Mennonite. Did you get a chance to travel even further north past Elmira (mennonite territory) towards Millbank? Again another sect of old order Mennonites and a huge restaurant called Anna Mae's. First started up in her garage and went big. No more mennonite waitresses there but girls dressed up to play the part as mennonites. It brings the crowds in for sure. If you have more pics I would love to see them. Brings back memories. Thank you for sharing this one.

  • fastJehu

    Hi "Punk",

    great to hear you are fine.

    And yes, I love Deep Purple - I'am a "Child in Time" (they were faithful companions of my youth).

    Best greetings from Germany

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi Punk, glad you're doing well.

    I'm doing ok, although I've seriously wrecked both my feet recently. It started with me damaging my ankle ligaments on my right foot - the pain was unbelievable. I stayed in my flat for one day but wanted to get out so I went out on the second day, for a walk. Because my right ankle was damaged, I put more pressure on my left foot. This led to me developing a bunion on the underside of my left foot - again, the pain was unbelievable. I had another day in my flat but quickly got bored again so walked out the next day. Both my ankle ligaments and feet are dodgy. It's weird because I'm not massively overweight and I'm only 40. I'm seeing a doctor this Wednesday. My feet have been hurting for over two weeks.

    Apart from all that, I'm doing ok.

  • nonjwspouse

    Hi Punky! Good to "see" you and glad to hear you are doing so well :-)

    I miss the old yuku group. Some are here, and only a few post on facebook from time to time.

  • flipper

    Hey Punk ! Nice hearing from you ! Glad to see you're moving on from the monstrosity that is the WT Society. Me too. I post here occasionally , but very busy wrapped up with work and my musical endeavors as well ! Very happy to hear that you're still rockin' out as well my friend. Some may claim that guys like us are " too old to rock n roll " as Ian Anderson said , but we're definitely " too young to die " ! Right ? Hey man, we're as young as we feel. You seem to be in a really good place right now, I'm happy for you bro. Life is about living it to the full my friend. Cheers mate. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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