Some recent baptism figures in the UK - is there a "bounce back"?

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  • Diogenesister
    Shepardless In relation to Philippines, Watchtower seems to have more success in poorer Catholic countries, and perhaps this is an example of that.

    Shepardless Angola is a very poor country and also very Catholic, the population speaking Portuguese and very influenced, culturally, by their ex colonists. So your theory works for Angola too.

  • steve2

    (All have been across the last three weekends at a UK assembly hall in October)

    Assembly 1 Attendance 975 Baptisms 8 (Oct 2015 2)

    Assembly 2 Attendance 948 Baptisms 6 (Oct 2015 4)

    Assembly 3 Attendance 926 Baptisms 7 (Oct 2015 Unknown)

    The OP - above quoted - lists the attendances and baptisms from 2015 - is that supposed to be 2016?

    How can those puny single digit numbers ever be called a "bounce back"? Or is the OP written with a sense of irony?

  • freddo

    @ steve2

    No it wasn't written by me with a sense of irony. But seeing all the responses I'm reassured that it should have been. I forgot how low the baptisms had become pre 2014, let alone just after.

  • DwainBowman

    There was one DC in Memphis back in the mid 75, just before the end came in. 75, where there was 15,000 there. Total baptised, right around 2,000!

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    London, Ohio, USA, 11/12/16 S.A.D.

    900+ attendance, 2 baptized

  • freddo

    @Dropoff ...

    Good to hear normal low service is being resumed!

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