Freudian slip in last Sunday's WT?

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  • EverApostate

    I am sure WT would soon come up with a "Armageddon has invisibly started/happened" idea, to keep their chariot running.

  • flipper

    Then again- there's another way of looking at this as a possibility. The very fact that this particular WT writer even PUT that statement , " many Witnesses thought their family members wouldn't die this side of Armageddon " into a WT article - may indicate that someone in the writing committee is on purpose trying to cause doubt to occur within JW's minds who read this. My wife and I have been discussing this possibility for a long time now- that there are probably one or two Bethelites who are awake about TTATT and might be dropping off hints here and there in a subtle- or not so subtle way so as to wake JW's up or at least get them to have doubts. Possibly working from the inside to alert unsuspecting JW's. It seems to have worked on this JW person who you mention in the opening thread. Smart way to wake JW's up in my opinion

  • waton
    am sure WT would soon come up with a "Armageddon has invisibly started/happened" idea, to keep their chariot running.

    they did that before, in 1918/19, as newly appointed F&DS, with the talks " The world has ended,[legally in 1914] Millions now living will never die.", so they ruled that repeating idea out.since people keep dying since 1975.

    Really they are putting the blame on the victims again. Your fault that you expected that. your fault you did not "hasten the day" by special pioneering.

  • Crazyguy

    To write about reality and shove it down your throat in their wts like they do sometimes must be somekind of mental technique. Why else would they do it ?

  • Dagney

    I just finished emailing my brother, a COBE/elder. We have been corresponding a bit lately as he lives near one of the disaster areas, and I am concerned about them.

    Yesterday he sent an email telling me he turns a particular age this week, (late 70's), and said "who would have thunk it!" I just wrote him back and said "nobody thunk it, especially me!." LOLOLOL

    Ay yi the same email he is bragging about his grandson taking a trip to Warwick, "and the NYC museums." I can only imagine what is going through his mind. Yet again, I think they really wouldn't know what to do with themselves without the social aspect of the congregation.

    Whatever. **sigh**

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    it must be me--i read this as

    “Many in the Christian congregation may not have expected their loved ones to die this side of Armageddon.”

    just that--they expected to live through A--not die beforehand.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am starting to suspect that they are trying to just say what they know is on the minds of believing members.

    They say the GB (or anointed or whatever) are not "inspired" and can make errors in direction.
    They say how members did not expect to die "in this system."

    It's a way of saying you addressed these issues when members use them to question the organization.

    It sounds like a bad idea to me, but who knows?

  • LongHairGal


    I just think it means that many did not expect their loved ones to die. Period. I think everything else is just reading more into it.

    I know I wasn't much of a Witness and maybe that's a good thing because it made it easier to "fade", but I was always a bit puzzled by Witnesses who used to pore over the "society's" literature and dissect and read into every little word. I felt if the Watchtower felt something or knew something why not just come out and say it? I wondered why the ambiguity?

    I guess they're not sure either.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    My brother who is 74 and is an elder told me a few years ago he and his wife expect to die in this system and they will have to wait for the resurrection. Still Totally ADD

  • KiwiBoy

    Yes I think we should not read too much into this. What they are saying to the older ones who really did think they would never die is: Come to terms with your mortality - you lot WILL die this side of Armageddon. I tell every one now, at my age, there is only one way we older ones will get into the new world - that is via the 'underground'. That stops the conversation in its tracks. However, joking aside, we were made to believe that we were the generation that would NEVER pass away. Now that we can see that we will pass away this side, we begin to realize what this organization has done to us. It is hard to accept that we have been duped for so long. For many this realization has been very traumatic with just a one line comment in the Watchtower to cover their deception. Unforgivable!

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