Freudian slip in last Sunday's WT?

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  • Confusedalot

    What baffles me is that anyone could influence peoples lives this way without any direct communication from God. All these claims are based on hearsay from ancient texts.

    If the clouds opened over Pastor Russel, and the voice of the almighty spoke from heaven and instructed him to say and do the things he did, I would understand. But as is the case in all religions, this never happened. He and his replacements just interpreted the ancient texts (hearsay) and F'ed up millions of lives.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Confusedalot. That is what I can't understand. Every religion says they have the correct interpretation of the bible and all of them have been interpreted by mere mortals like ourselves. Why do so many allow themselves to be controlled like that.

  • Confusedalot


    I was controlled like that for a long time, and am still trying to shake it. Even now I'm not sure what to do, but looking at evidence the case for true religion is not good, and consequently the evidence for the existence of God is also not looking good. I spend my time looking for provable reasons to believe in God but they are nowhere to be found and mostly end up as being based on hearsay. Sadly.

    Lets say there is a God (but he is not the christian God) and one day in judgement he asks: "Why did you believe in the christian god?"

    Can I answer that its because the bible told me so? Or my pastor/priest told me so? People control us because we believe what we are told by people and their writings, not by God directly.

    Apologies to OP, I think this may be going a bit off topic or hopefully its also applicable.

  • truth_b_known

    I noticed as the thread progressed there have been some posts that allege that some of us are "reading too much into this." I respectfully disagree. I truly believe this quote is "crawfishing" by the Watchtower and victim blaming.

    Most of us here were present or at least know of the talk "Millions Now Living will Never Die" as well as how that message has been echoed through the decades. That is until the 1990s. Even the mission statement of the Watchtower and Awake changed to reflect the change in thought.

    I grew up in the post 1975 organization. My childhood was in the 80s and I graduated high school in the 90s. Growing up in the 80s I could not count the number of times I was told that this system would end before I even got to high school. I truly believed that. I was told countless times how fortunate I was that I would never grow old and have to deal with age and infirmity. I believe that as well. I was told that I would never experience death and, if I remained faithful, I would walk through to the other side of Armageddon. I wholeheartedly believed that.

    Then came the change. Overlapping Generations. I believe in Occam's Razor - the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Overlapping Generations was thrown on us because "Millions now living will never die" was and still is a fraud. They knew it. It was their second 1975.

    Just like with 1975, the Watchtower victim blamed and denied the whole thing. The same is true with Millions now living. This Watchtower quote is definitive proof of this.

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