Do You Think the Federalist System in the US Gives States too Much Power?

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  • RubaDub

    I see... so masks are ‘one way’. Also, second hand smoke.

    @Justaguy ...

    Even people who smoke don't like second hand smoke. It's already been ingested. It's in someone's body already. Then they get rid of it.

    It's like a ham sandwich. If you eat it, you want the initial ham sandwich. You don't want a second-hand ham sandwich that has been digested by someone. Come on man, a digested ham sandwich is well, call it what you want, but it is shit. Do you want a second hand sandwich? Do you say, that doesn't bother me? I certainly don't want second hand smoke, nor a second hand sandwich.

  • Ding

    Historically, it's not a matter of the States being "given" powers.

    The States existed as separate sovereign countries until they ceded specific, limited powers to the federal government in 1787 in the Constitution.

    The Tenth Amendment makes clear that all powers not ceded exclusively to the federal government nor explicitly denied to the States by the Constitution belong to the States or to the people.

    Instead of saying, "Where does it say in the Constitution that the federal government can't do such-and-such?" the real question is, "Where does it say in the Constitution that the federal government CAN do such-and-such?"

  • sir82
    It remains not my job to make you feel better. Stay at home if your afraid.


    "If I kill your gramma because I prefer not to wear a mask, tough $#!+ for you. My personal liberty is far more important than the lives of old people."

    Glad we got that cleared up.

  • Queequeg

    Same old _morph.

  • silentbuddha

    The Judge was a Democratic appointed judge and sentence the lady who had kids at home to several days in jail and a 7,000 dollar fine.


    this is the insanity of Democrats that drives me crazy as well. The lovely part of AMERICA is if you live somewhere that doesn't suit your belief system you can up and leave to another location that suits you.

  • RubaDub

    If I kill your gramma because I prefer not to wear a mask, tough $#!+ for you.

    @sir82 ....

    If you take that route, just don't leave the carcass on my lawn. It would interfere with my "liberty and pursuit of happiness."

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    I don't think being pro- or anti- states` rights is a productive discussion. Depending upon the issue politically, Dems and Repubs flip back and forth on the issue.

    What is relevant is the problem at hand. Some problems are better tackled locally and some nationally.

    A global pandemic is best tackled nationally.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Also jackalopes cross state lines. Just saying.

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