Do You Think the Federalist System in the US Gives States too Much Power?

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  • RubaDub

    Your attempts at humor fail... over and over. At least people continue to humor you

    @silentbuddha ...

    I guess I keep getting flashbacks from watching the movie Deliverance too many times. Those guys sitting on the porch playing the dueling banjos still gives me the creeps when they smile.

  • pistolpete

    Disagree. The states of the United States are basically like countries within themselves. Huge populations in some, huge economies, and extremely diverse cultures.

    Our top cop refuses to enforce insane corona restrictions, and he refuses to even consider any of the foolishness regarding gun restrictions. We love it

    Totally agree.

    The Governor of Texas was one of the first to stop the lock down and allowed anyone who wished to go back to work to do so at their own risk. Many business in Texas have been saved. The news has been lying that Texas has more deaths than many other States.

    In one county in Texas run by a Democratic Mayor, the virus lockdown continued and the Mayor would not allow anyone to go back to work. In that county many were losing their business. One lady defied the lockdown and went and opened her shop because she needed to feed her kids. The Mayor sent the police and arrested that lady. The Judge was a Democratic appointed judge and sentence the lady who had kids at home to several days in jail and a 7,000 dollar fine.

    Many Republican Officials were outraged. Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he would pay fines and do the jail time for her so she could go home to her kids who were all underage. He paid the fine and she was released.

    Can you imagine any Democratic State when a high official would do something like this? Never!

    At a Church in Texas when a crazy man pulled out a shotgun and started shooting. About 20 people pulled out their guns, and one shooter killed the crazy man, thus saving many innocent lives.

    The man who dropped the killer was praised and given the highest honor by the Republican Governor, Mayor, Police force and thousands of citizens.

    Imagine if Biden and Harris wins and forced a buyback on all guns in every State. Every State will be like Chicago or NY. where murders are in the hundreds every week. And the Democratic leaders there want to defund the police!

  • WTWizard

    I would rather have freedom, along with its dangers, than security that comes with tyranny. (And usually, such security is about as genuine as a $9 bill.)

    As I see it, there is just one Constitution that the whole nation has to abide by. States that do not abide by that Constitution need to be brought back in line, whatever it takes. (Unless, that is, they simply want out of the whole union--in that case, let them have their own constitution.)

    I can think of another example: The National 55 MPH Speed Limit. The country had no constitutional right to demand that states abide by that, except during the actual emergency. Once the embargo was lifted, so was the emergency and states should have been allowed to push their speed limits right back up. (As for speed killing, not if there are fewer cars on the road because of higher gas prices.)

    The coronavirus situation is the opposite. There is nowhere in our Constitution that suspends that document for a pandemic. It wasn't suspended during the Spanish Flu pandemic, the polio outbreak, or either of the major flu pandemics of the late 1950s and '60. So why do states have the right to order people to wear those stupid masks, including when they are well away from other people? Some states ordered stores to set "senior hours" for shopping--that is a business decision. Others are ordering, under jail threat, quarantine for people traveling in from other states--New York and New Jersey had enough the first time that anyone that was going to get it did already, except those who shut themselves in most thoroughly.

    Also, there are too many states that are defunding police. The cities, also. Antifa is burning down cities, and will forcibly ensure Biden and Harris get into office despite the election. Seattle, Portland OR, Chicago, New York City, St Louis--the list goes on and will get longer where there are major riots on a nightly basis. Do the states care? Does Minnesota care? Does California? What about New York? Oregon? Washington State? They just let the riots go on, release any that get arrested, and then expect payment for the disaster. And we are getting Biden and Harris, like them or not, because of this. This is not like the 55 MPH speed limit!

    There needs to be a balance. States need to be allowed the freedom to work within the Constitution of the nation they belong to, not against it. They also need to be forced to abide by the Constitution in the event the governor doesn't want to respect it, unless they intend to leave the Union. But, they do not need to be forced to accept something so stupid as a 55 MPH speed limit.

  • RubaDub

    I would rather have freedom, along with its dangers, than security that comes with tyranny.

    @WTWizard ....

    There is a big difference with the COVID-19 thing. It is not like a person who drinks a bottle of vodka every day, smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day, whatever. You get sick, you go to the hospital, and they do their best to treat you.

    With COVID-19, you are putting other people at risk, not just yourself. Too many doctors, nurses, hospital workers, first responders, etc. have died because of others' stupidity.

    I just say if people want to act stupid and attend events where people are acting irresponsibly, go for it. Just sign a legal document, like the JW Blood thing, that if you get the virus, you will not go to the hospital and possibly infect others. Just lay in your own bed, let your lungs deteriorate, gasp for air until you die. Just have a bucket next to your bed so you can try to spit the phlegm out. Enjoy the hours you have in that condition.

    Freedom is not a license to put others at risk of their lives.

  • Justaguynamedmorph

    There is no difference with covid. again, dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. YOU are responsible for YOU. YOUR health is YOUR job, not mine. Wear your mask and gloves and my lack of a mask wont effect you. You do what you need to.

    There is no constitutional authority to compel me to do anything for you.

    By your logic you can force vaccines on me. By your logic you can remove firearms because they may harm someone. By your logic cars should outlawed because people die in accidents and are even run over intentionally. By your logic no building should be over 8ft tall because someone could fall off or be pushed off. By your logic knives should be banned.

    Life is dangerous and, on a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone is zero.

    Protect yourself and stay the hell outta my life.

    I choose dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

  • sir82
    Wear your mask and gloves and my lack of a mask wont effect you.


    Masks do not protect the wearer nearly as much as they work to protect those who are carriers from infecting others.

    I.e., if you refuse to wear a mask, and are near me, I am in far more danger of infection even if I have a mask.

  • JeffT

    People in this country (I'm in the US) think that freedom and democracy mean they can do whatever the hell they want. It doesn't work that way, the word liberty, as understood by the framers of the U S Constitution includes your responsibilities and duties to the society around you.

    If you think that being told to wear a protective mask to mitigate the danger of disease to your family, friends, and neighbors is an infringment of your liberty you need to get a life. And maybe a sense of perspective.

  • Sanchy

    I prefer the states retain as much power as possible away from the Federal Gov. If a state gov goes to hell, I can always move to another one, which is precisely what we see occurring now with the exodus of folks from heavy blue states such as California and NY to traditionally more red states such as Texas and Florida.

    Sadly, it seems those moving are bringing with them their blue vote as well and with that their preference for the same policies that screwed up their original state to begin with.

  • RubaDub

    There is no difference with covid. again

    @Justaguy .....

    As Jefft eluded to, if you think doing something to hurt your own body (smoking, heavy drinking, drugs) is the same as potentially giving someone a life-threatening disease (COVID-19) , then, as JeffT says, and I quote, "you need to get a life."

  • Justaguynamedmorph

    I see... so masks are ‘one way’.

    Also, second hand smoke.

    Your arguments reflect your fear as older people.

    It remains not my job to make you feel better. Stay at home if your afraid.

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