JW.org on *MY* New TV - ???

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  • AudeSapere

    So I *finally* upgraded my old, heavy, tube TV to a new flatscreen, smart TV.

    The install was MUCH easier than I expected and I was very happy with my progress.

    Then I get to the set-up part of the installation. This new TV has Roku pre-installed on it and I'm new to Roku, too.

    I get to a point where I am offered to select from a list of 'popular', free sites/channels to be accessed thru my new Roku TV.

    I did a double take when I saw the top of the list:


  • AudeSapere

    Dang! I was hoping to imbed an image there. Can someone help me make it so people can see an image??

  • careful
    Wow, how does that come about?
  • AudeSapere
    @careful... Can you see the image???
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    yes. what jumps out immediately is a cold, blue, rigid box.
  • SafeAtHome
    Barf! I wonder though, do they pay a fee to have that come up? Like with Google, you can pay them a small fee to have your website pop up first or close to the top. My daughter has a small business and that is what she does to get her website noticed.
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Nah not for that. There's a few different metrics at play. Notice it's in the free pile, so you're going to see things like Netflix in that category.

    You also have to remember that literally anyone can make a Roku channel. It's not going to take a lot of downloads to get in the list. Check out that graphic. Youtube has 171,000 reviews. That's a TINY number of Youtube's overall traffic. So even if that JW app gets 100K or less downloads, it will show up in that list.

  • Dagney

    Hey Aude! A few months back there was a thread here about the announcement of jw.org and Roku. The WT was offering 20% discount on a Roku purchase through their link.

    Times are a-changing!

  • Dagney
  • AudeSapere

    @Barrold - Thanks for the tech info. Makes sense.

    @Dagney - Hi! That's right~! I forgot about that thread. I think I may have even posted there. But it didn't REALLY register until it showed up unexpectedly on the screen of *MY* new TV in my own home.

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