JW.org on *MY* New TV - ???

by AudeSapere 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    i made a typo that i can't edit. You're NOT going to see stuff like Netflix in there since, while Netflix doesn't charge for the app, it's useless with out a subscription. Everything still applies though.
  • AudeSapere
    @careful, @BethSarim and @SafeAtHome - Thank you for confirming that you could see the photo. And for validating my own feelings when I saw it~!!
  • AudeSapere
    @Barrold - I sort of thought that was what you meant. Thank you for clarifying.
  • Makemeanunbeliever
    Does everyone really think JW org will just disappear? Don't hold your breath. With 100 years of momentum, children to be baptized and fresh marketing it can withstand self and non-self imposed onslaughts. Such is life.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    I suspect JW.org have their fingers in the ROKU pot, hence the push for all JW's to buy that particular device.
  • fastJehu
    Dang! I was hoping to imbed an image there. Can someone help me make it so people can see an image??

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Pete, they probably don't have their fingers in any pot. The reason it's on Roku, and this has been mentioned many times, is that literally anyone can make a channel for Roku for free. Like, if you wanted, you could make a "Pete takes a dump" channel and people could watch you poop. Totally free.

    With Apple creating an app store for their latest ATV, I suspect WT will have an app for that pretty soon as well.

  • juandefiero
    My apostate family actually bought a Roku using that 20% discount...Jehovah provides! lol
  • mana11

    The Roku platform now natively integrates advertising capabilities that combine the best of both digital and TV advertising. We call it "Roku Audience Solutions". It enables Roku channel partners to deliver more effective advertising to their audience. And, it creates new opportunities for brands to connect with next-generation TV viewers.

    You will find that you have searched for JW . org at some time, you search is recorded thus this is put there as you are a target for JW advertising.

    I also think JW org has shares in this company...

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yeah, I think the Borg has turned the corner of sorts in the information age. Within the last 2.5-5 years a transformation from printed information to broadcasts and telecasts at KHs.

    Appealing videos for children on impressionable minds. The mind-control and indoctrination starts very early in life.

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