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  • HiddlesWife

    Over 25 years ago, I was laid off my job, where the city I lived in had a number of financial crises. As a result, I had to apply for unemployment benefits. While searching for another job and eventually the benefits ran out, I told my BOEs about my predicament. They "counseled" me that I should use all BORG resources (i.e., want ads, contacting various employment agencies, etc.) to my disposal plus--wait for it--"continue to pray incessantly to Jehovah, for He provides". Also, "get and stay out in field service and you might just receive a call for an interview as a blessing!".

    Being fully PIMI at the time, I followed their advice. For 2-3 long years, I was still unemployed--although I was able to temp but one 2-3 days per month--and had to go on public assistance/welfare. During this time, I made a comment to one of the elders about the BORG providing financially assistance to the R&F who are in the same situation I was in. This elder--and he called over another elder to listen to our conversation--told me that "the GB feels that it is more important for the flock to be busy within their service to Jehovah. If you keep doing what we advised you to do, you'll get a job--even if it takes towards a decade for it to happen". Although I was shocked to hear this, I found out during this time period that I was not the only one going through this turmoil: there were 8-9 other brothers and sisters in that congregation and some others within the other two neighboring congs (10-15 each approximately) enduring the same circumstances. Instead of ones such as families of elders, MSs, pioneers and the like giving any of us assistance (not monetarily per se, but some food, at least, until public assistance became available), the group of unemployed friends had to end of banding together to help each other out. As a result, most of us received help (a great deal of it) from our non-BORG family members/relatives. One of my nieces and her fiance', who were on a fixed budget, loving took out their time, energy and monies to help not only me but the others in this particular group. Seeing this, the two of them to this day have not come into the BORG--as a matter of fact, they discontinued their studies with the Dubs in their area due the above!

    Again, long story short: The BORG does not give a *%^+ about the R&F when the chips are down for them financially. They hardly care less about if they live or die--as long as you give them your field service time on your deathbed before you croak!

  • HiddlesWife

    Hi, again, everyone. I meant to say "non-BORG resources" within the first paragraph of my posting.

    Still, the BORG doesn't help anyone but themselves. [As I continuously pointed out in my past postings about Warwick--look at where and how they're living there!]

  • Hecce

    The only time when a concerted effort is made to provide help is when the elders get involved, the flock will never act by themselves; when the elders kind of make a push then you will see a whole bunch of people getting on with the program and showing their cooperation and obedience.

  • FedUpJW

    Too many.....freeloaders.

    THAT is the bare bones truth! I cannot count all the times I have personally witnessed brother eldurr refuse to lend a helping hand to a poor widow sister so she could get to the convention, only to come tooling into the kingdom hall lot with a brand new large SUV luxury vehicle.

    Or brother MS and wife complain about how little finances they have, and cannot get to the assembly; then they get there and have a $600.00 (US) brand new tablet to proudly show off. But ask them to take an hour out of there day to give some assistance with a needed chore and all you see is ass-cheeks flapping and heels through the dust of their rapid departure.

    Damned HYPOCRITES!

  • Phoebe

    Absolutely agree with you HiddlesWife

    When we were without an income (husband sick/no work) they kept telling me 'Jehovah has a duty to provide for his servants' and even if you are down to your last tin of beans, he will provide. He provides for the birds and the flowers, doesn't he? But on the other hand I was also told 'Jehovah allows you to suffer' because it's not all about you, you know! have to see the bigger picture. They said the bros in concentration camps suffered, he let that happen.

    Talk about confusing me!

    It was the beginning of the end for me. Not because I wanted food parcels or charity because I suddenly realised that no one actually cared what happened to us. It really hurt me, especially after we had been so caring to other people. I realised we had absolutely no real friends in the congregation. Had we been connected to one of the 'cliques' they would have cared. But because we weren't in with the 'in crowd' all the help I ever got was - we'll pray for you. Thanks for nothing.

    It was obvious that they were happy to take off us but once we need some kind of support, if only moral support, you couldn't see them for dust!

  • Vidiot

    I suspect the vast majority of JWs are so undereducated that they can only get low-paying jobs, and are thusly just getting by, and therefore unable to shore up their down-and-out brothers.

  • Butyoucanneverleave

    No. Because we did not hold any position in their club. They will bend over backwards for those who do. But it was all talk for us. Promises that we never kept. Then the awkward avoidance because they didn't come thru. It's all about appearances for them.

  • westiebilly11

    In the 30 plus years I was in, I enjoyed helping in any way I could. Car lifts to assemblies and conventions, hall cleaning, garden work, taking in a homeless sister when she had to find accommodation at very short notice, lending tools etc out to others, standing in at short notice whenever needed to fill items in the Ministry School etc... But when I needed help I rarely got it with the exception of one or two genuinely caring and humble elders,including the one who brought me in.. Other ministerial servants and elders withheld needed help and support when my late wife was dying...It was left to worldlings to step in and offer unconditonal help.. Even when on my own for several years, I was never invited round for meals etc to other's homes... It all seemed so strange. Very clique and discriminatory, as it seemed that families helped their own , but rarely reached out to those without family in.....such a shame.

  • eewx2

    In 2008 I had a mental breakdown of sorts. I have struggled with bipolar for most of my life. At that time I didn't know I had it I hadn't yet been diagnosed. Without boring you all with the details, my sister in law said to my other sister in law that they should help me. NOT financially mind you. Just with childcare and getting to the meetings, etc. Well other sister in law told her that was my parents' job. I was floored. She wouldn't even try to encourage me? She couldn't keep my kids for a couple hours while I tried to get myself together?

    I too left because of the lack of love. Took me 3 years after that to leave but I finally got sick of it.

  • stillin

    Westiebilly, I've seen things like you describe many times. Brothers who would give the shirt off of their back to help another brother, but they are blocked out of any intimate fellowship because of one reason or another. I know one like that who is awake now and out. I still want to find him and assure him of my appreciation for the kind of person he is.

    I appreciate the kind of person that you have been, Westie.

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