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  • ironsnake656

    When you were an active member in the JWland, did you expect to receive any kind of help from a brother/sister, but they did not help you? When I was in the JWland, I expected and was my belief that any brother/sister will help you in time of need, distress or trouble, because we were part of a "lovely organization". But countless of times when I needed and asked for help, NOBODY from the Org helped me. What are your experiences?

  • Chook

    Their help system is priority based on church positions. If the COs cars broke down , well their would be ample funds and assistance, but if some old half crazy sister with no family had money problems, they would often overlook the needs of these fringe sisters or brothers ,you know the eccentric ones. If charity starts at home then the Jw church is fundamentally lacking.

    When it comes to give and take, all people have a limit to how much return of good deeds they dish out based on a whole give and take relationship. All relationships are give and take, it's all about tolerance . I generally think you can't go wrong doing something nice for someone who don't have the ability to repay. If we give and expect to get back the equivalent, your going to have a miserable life.

    As to JWs and there help amongst themselves , I don't think it would be any better than belonging to your local 4wd club. The biggest problem with the JWs is the church extracts all the free time for theocratic activities , so the average Jw is so overwhelmed with work and family chores then in their mind believe going to the meetings is not negotiable so we have a person that believes they are serving god but have no time to give outside their comfort zones. Remember 5 meetings of brainwashing week in week out leaves no room for self examination.

  • xjwsrock

    If this organization put helping people in need as any kind of priority, they would at the least have organized programs in place to facilitate that. They have none.

    I would actually expect much more from a multi-billion dollar "Christian" religion. How about separate charitable corporations set up to help disadvantaged members of the community? Nope. Not even close.

    I work at a "worldly" for-profit company, that does more for the community in one month, than the entire United States Branch of Jehovah's Witnesses will ever do in a half century. No exaggeration.

    It's shameful, and a flashing red flag that this is not a religion but is a life-sucking cult. It's purpose is to benefit itself and those who run it.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I found myself helping out one or two with money. They were poor and I have the mindset of helping. But now I realize that they spent their money poorly and expected others to bail them out. To be fair, one of them would sometimes reciprocate with yard work, but that is because we shared an interest in gardening.

    I never felt I could ask for help. I wasn't baptized like the rest of my sisters so I always felt like an outsider. I had more help from the worldly guys that I gamed with for a short time than anyone else.

  • smiddy

    You will be expected to go to Govt.agencies ,charities run by church groups,etc,all of whom they claim are run by the "god of this system of things" Satan the Devil.

    Dont expect any help from the multi-million dollar publishing-real estate empire of Jehovahs Witnesses.

  • SummerAngel

    I've noticed its all incredibly conditional so giving lifts to meetings and field service always available. Giving lifts to essential medical appointments not on your nelly. As for money help in home, giving stuff away forget it- if you have anything spare the overfed organization should get it. Also found help will 'melt away' so invariably us have to help. Most selfish bunch I've ever met. By contrast at real Christian church we do stacks community based stuff, provide free meal to families and kids once a month at messy church, free Xmas dinner for those on their own, have seen help to decorate people's flats, house removals. Most national and international charities are church based. JWs are in danger of losing their charity status because they only help other JWs_ what a surprise!

  • pale.emperor

    My dad was used and abused for his skills constantly. He was a carpenter and came from a long line of carpenters (he was very good at it too). He was always doing work for free for elders, CO's, Kingdom Halls around the city, repairs at assembleys etc. He'd provide the materials and tools and labor for free.

    He genuinely loved helping the brothers and sisters but knew the ones "higher up" in the clique were taking advantage. I remember very clearly him taking me along to an old sisters house. She was in hospital and my mum had keys to her house to look after her cat and water the plants etc. My dad and his mate (also a carpenter) fitted her a new kitchen FOR FREE. She wasn't very well off but really appreciated it and got him a card with some money in it.... which my dad then put in the contribution box.

    I was always being asked for immigration advice. Even by JWs i didn't know. People would pass my number around and i'd get random calls from foreign JWs in the circuit.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    I would actually expect much more from a multi-billion dollar "Christian" religion. How about separate charitable corporations set up to help disadvantaged members of the community? Nope. Not even close

    I think xjwsrock puts it really well in a nutshell.

    If you think about it, not only have people no time in general for helping out individuals, what support mechanisms are in place for anyone! Eg There are no mother and toddler groups within the organisation, no youth groups within the organisation...... nothing!

    And then they wonder why sister single with 2 kids or brother teenager isn't at the meetings regularly. It isn't hard to see why.

  • Chook

    Don't even get on the subject of old age care facilities , it's only the the pagan church's who clean the old brothers backside when he is 89 and wasting away , but wt will be sure to visit if there is an inheritance.

  • LongHairGal


    Are you referring to moral support or material support?? I never needed help materially from JWs since I supported myself with a full time job. What I did expect (silly me) was friendship or friendliness.

    In time, I realized this was rare and I got small doses of it from some people. It was in direct proportion to how "spiritual" you were perceived to be. I was low on the scale of "spirituality" or being "theocratic" in some people's eyes.

    As far as "helping" people: once word got out that you were known to "help", your phone number was given out and nervy bastards would ask for your services!!!


    I heard other stories of Witnesses being taken advantage of by JWs looking for free services. As somebody who was criticized for having a full time job, I would never help these people. But, then again, as a man, maybe your father was not criticized for his job. They have a double standard for women: A man can have a job/trade but they resent a woman for having it.

    I saw this attitude and I made sure I ran from all the users in that damn religion.


    Words cannot convey how much I despise this religion.

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