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  • tijkmo

    i went out of my way to help others (and employed them to no personal benefit), young, old, co, or eccentric...i loved to time i got back from holiday to usa from scotland and a worldly relative of older couple in cong had been rushed into straight off to hospital i went, atho i was literally falling asleep standing up lol..i expected nothing in return, mainly because i was lucky enough that i never needed it....

    until i did....

    and what did i get....fuck all that's what !!

  • ToesUp

    When I was out of work, we couldn't even get the Elders to ask if our family was doing ok. Not even a kind or encouraging word. We never expected anyone to give us money, maybe just a kind word or smile. We received NOTHING. I am grateful for that now. It was the beginning of the end for us. We exited due to lack of love, learned TTATT and realized that we were raised in a cult. So actually, the lack of love is what initially got us out. THANK YOU WATCHTOWER AND THE CONGREGATION, YOU DID US A HUGH FAVOR. NEVER HAPPIER!

  • stillin

    This is a touchy subject for me. I work. I get paid. I do my job well so I get to keep working. I have a nice house etc. So many of the "friends" have this mindset of "see how much you have! See how little I have!" To garner sympathy and do some freeloading. Those are the last ones that will get anything out of me. Sorry.

    I am the first to jump in when there is a genuine need or crisis, but my generosity is not to be taken for granted simply because we shared religions. Too many nutjobs and freeloaders. Needing help can be habit-forming.

  • Phoebe

    The same as ToesUp and Tijkmo

    We helped the brothers in our congregation. My husband was the most giving person when he was in and out of the truth. When he was studying he gave all his savings to a brother in need (it was only hundreds but still, it was ALL his savings!) He thought that was what Christians were supposed to do.

    He worked for brothers for free, gave them lifts to hospital appointments, gifts, gas money etc.

    But when he got sick and had to give up work and we were living on soup, did anyone help us? NOPE.

    All we got was 'I'll pray for you'

    A sister 250 miles away heard of our troubles and gave us money to fill up our larder. That was so kind of her.

    But she was the only one. They don't give out help and the ones that do give get taken advantage of.

    The people we had supported and helped through their bad times were nowhere to be seen when we were desperate for help ourselves.

  • tijkmo

    no option to like and dislike at the same time lol

  • stillin

    Then there's "spiritual help." This is the fall-back defense when the Witnesses are accused of not being helpful. Spiritual help is invisible. There may be prayers uttered. This is a HUGE help for those who may have had an accident and cannot get to the store, or ones who are dying of cancer after years of giving their all to the worldwide brotherhood. Possibly simply stopping by and sharing a wonderful experience had in this morning's field ministry can be uplifting to the downhearted.

    It might be noticed that the close family of these home-bound ones don't seem to be doing much in the way of help. Tsk tsk! After all, family members are the ones primarily responsible for caring for sick ones.

    OK, Ta Ta! Have a nice day! Off we go! We love you!

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I often wonder if I were DFd and my mother was shunning me like a spiritual person should, who would take care of her if she needed it? No one. Would anyone let me know she needed help? Probably not.

    The idea is to collect new recruits and not care about anything else.

  • WingCommander

    I've been saying this for YEARS about the JW cult: Money only flows one way, from the rank-n-file Sheeple's wallets, to the Org's coffers! No money EVER comes back down out of the Ivory Towers, EVER!!!!

    Jesus said you'd know his followers by the love they show one another. That the greatest acts of love were to love thy neighbour, and to care for widows and orphans. So tell me, how does the WT measure up? How many retirement homes, orphanages, soup kitchens, hospitals, treatment clinics, homeless shelters, community clothing drives, etc do they operate? Answer: ZERO. They beg for little Suzy's ice cream money, and show an old woman with an empty fridge donating in the contribution box, but give absolutely NOTHING back to the Sheeple. Is this how a "Fine Shepherd" tends to the Flock? Absolutely not! It's how a wolf in sheep's clothing, operating a money-sucking, mind-controlling CULT acts though!

  • nowwhat?
    If jw's could count their time doing it they would be a lot more generous
  • UnshackleTheChains

    I will never forget the time I experienced mild depression and my life was in the doldrums as a young man. I was living on my own and clearly needing some practical support in the way of advice about my bills, food, etc.

    Elders advice- 'Auxilliary Pioneer'!!!

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