What Congregation Scandal Still Troubles You?

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  • Rivergang

    All I can say is that the JWs I knew must have been a very staid lot.

    There was very little of such goings on happening in any of the congregations I was with (unless they were very good at not violating Commandment No.11 “ Thou shalt not get caught”!)

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    At the last congregation I attended, a good friend of mine (who had three kids) had his wife run off with an elder (who had several kids). She apparently wanted an elder husband and my friend was far to down-to-earth to ever be an elder.

    He left the troof. About the time I returned to town from going to college, I was riding a crotch rocket motorcycle and pulled up next to him in a convertible at a red light. We both looked and each other and said at the same time "pull over".

    It was game on after that. We had a good time hanging out for a while. He remarried not too long afterwards. Me too about 5 years later.

    His ex wife and her elder husband successfully destroyed the lives of 7 kids for a while... but hey; they are still in the troof. That's all that matters right?

  • Rafe

    What you can see is that many JWS are acting out through a pretentious characterization of righteous virtue and wholesomeness.

    A portrayed characterization designed and arranged by the WTS and its leaders themselves.

    They are in essence mostly playing to this role in cooperative unison and acceptance.

    Is he a brother , is she a sister ?

    The cumulative answer and how much involved they actively are such as in Pioneering, eldership, DO's, GB members etc. relates to their level of assumed righteousness.

    The reality is these people can be just as behaviorally wrong as the common practicing JWS are or non JWS for that matter.

  • MeanMrMustard

    I was part of 3 different congregations in my tenure. The first: elder dfed for child molestation. Second, two elders were basically wife swapping - although they weren't aware of it initally. Third had pretty stable elders, but every single young person in the congregation got dfed screwing around....most multiple times.

  • joe134cd

    That used to annoy me that. Screw around. Do your 6 months. Then start up where you left off.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    Second, two elders were basically wife swapping - although they weren't aware of it initally.

    I am tempted to try and make sense of this statement, but somethings tells me to leave it alone.

  • karter

    An Accountant who was ripping off his mostly J.W clients.

    He was appointed an Elder while doing so

    Went to jail for 2 years got out got reinstated and in good standing.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Sea breeze

    Each having a go at the other wife without knowing his wife was doing it if also

  • Sea Breeze
  • scary21

    The congregation I grew up in had a woman that was DFed four times for sex . She was married.

    . I actually liked her and hung out at her house. She grew up in a JW family in Queens NY.

    I was much younger then her but she had personality plus.

    I didn't see her for years but when we reconnected it was like time stood still. She passed last year . So glad I was her friend in the end.

    In that same congregation A young brother 17years old exposed himself to a young girl of 14 that just happened to be one of my best worldly friends. He picked the wrong girl because I knew the whole story.

    He was privately reproved.

    The last congregation I went to was nuts on steroids. The Witness's came to my door and one woman I hit it off with ( she laughed at my jokes)

    I studied with her.

    Well it turns out she was having sex with a worldly man and she was getting money and lots presents. He started getting abusive and she broke it off.

    She confessed to one act of fornication and was publicly reproved.

    This next one is very very sick and you may want to stop reading now WARNING

    Her best witness friend in the congregation had her witness husband drug her and let another man have sex oral and vagina with her and filmed it.

    She ended up in the hospital because she aspirated sperm in her lungs and got pneumonia.

    Her husband was DFed.

    This woman went out a short time later and had sex with a worldly MARRIED man and got pregnant.

    She was DFed. Why she didn't have to sit in the back of the hall ?????

    After she was reinstated she moved to FL and seduced a young virgin brother

    . Can't remember what happened with that although it did all come out

    These are some things I have never heard of with all my worldly friends . My friends have been some real partying people !!! and I have been around the block a few times, yet all the people I have ever known can't compare to the sicko's I've known in JEHOVAH'S clean organization.

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