What Congregation Scandal Still Troubles You?

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  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    I was appointed as a Regular Pioneer in a certain congregation. In that congregation, a very obese male pioneer seduced a nice looking married pioneer sister who had two teenage sons. Her husband was a MS. Both were Df'd. I felt really bad for the husband and the teenage sons. Total embarrassment.

    Later, the P.O. announced that one young sister was the only teenager in the congregation that had not not been before a judicial committee. He made this announcement right after one of her meeting parts on the TMS. Within a week or two they disfellowshipped her.

    I left the congregation without saying goodbye to anyone and moved to another city. Shortly thereafter, the PO was disfellowshipped for cheating on his wife.

    Within 4 years, I was free of the cult. That one congregation was a significant part of my decision to leave.

    Any congregation scandals still stick in your craw?

  • Simon

    Yeah, ours had financial scandals, money missing from a congregation account, investors in a JW-owned company ripped off, an elder having an affair with the wife of someone who went for him to support, unmarried teenage pregnancies, car thieves. You name it, we had it!

    The "spiritual paradise" never was.

    The funny thing is that you discover people are way more clean living and moral outside of the religion. Maybe it's TODO with those who it appeals to all wanting forgiveness? Whatever it is - we have nicer friends with stable marriages and well brought up kids away from it.

    The WTS and those who go are often bad association!

  • Overrated

    I found most, not all, where pretty bad. And they were the most self righteous azzes you ever met. But " Worldly People " the bad association seem to be more trustworthy and better quality people. So much for Watchtower 's Fantasy.

  • RolRod

    One elder was having an affair with another elders wife. he impregnated her 5 times. The other elder all these years thought the kids were his.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    We had an elder have an affair with a brothers wife. When the innocent got killed he married her and left his first wife. of course he was reinstalled as soon as possible because he was from a well known family.

    The part I cannot forgive is he invited my wife ( before i was around) to travel with him alone. She now knows what he was after and was very naive. I dearly love my wife and try to protect her, I knew her weaknesses then and now and am glad she did not get hurt. She is MY wife complete with faults, and trying to hurt her still galls me.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Wow! I'm sure these stories are just the tip of the iceberg. I officially left with the generation change in Nov. 1995.

    But in the months leading up to that, I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that the Kingdom Hall was simply too hostile of an environment for me to exist in.

  • LongHairGal


    I never heard it quite put that way: “that the Kingdom Hall was too hostile of an environment for you to exist in”.

    You are absolutely correct and if many on the forum evaluate their experiences, they would have to admit you are right.👍🏻 It is a fear-based religion with a bullying mentality, filled with gossip and vindictive people. All that togetherness is no good and that boatload of ‘friends’ can turn on a dime and rip somebody’s reputation to shreds and cause distress.

    Like you, I also left after the 1995 thing. My personal experience was that I felt I walked a gauntlet of critics. They never liked me since I was an independent single working woman who couldn’t be manipulated.

    Getting back to the original thought about scandals: without giving too much information I can say I saw things that didn’t sit well with me even if they were not headline making: favoritism and elders covering up for their kids…They think you are just supposed to shut up and pretend everything is rosy. If you don’t like something then it’s YOUR problem. Such phoniness. I could never be around this anymore. Glad the nightmare is over.

  • Smiles

    During the early 2000s, a married prominent elder, "Brother M", was disfellowshipped for adultery with the wife of his buddy. That elder's innocent wife, who was known to be a stern woman, was subjected to more blame than her adulterous husband because it was learned that she had a pattern of "withholding sexual relations" from him, effectively driving him toward adulterous conduct as a result deliberate deprivation of marital relations. Because his wife shared some blame for his succumbing, she did reluctantly forgive him, and they remain married to this day. The same cannot be said for the other marriage, that of his innocent buddy; she was disfellowshipped, promptly divorced, and left the faith. The adulterous elder was reinstated after a short time, and is now serving as coordinator of the elder body in that same congregation where he had been disfellowshipped years earlier.

    In the 1990s, a similar scandal occurred at a different congregation. The body of elders learned that a younger married couple in the congregation was experiencing marital discord, so two elders volunteered to offer a shepherding visit. The young couple accepted a few shepherding visits from that pair of elders but the marital problems continued. The husband stopped attending meetings and ministry, however his wife and young children continued active with the congregation albeit irregular, so she received ongoing shepherding attention which eventually involved one of those original shepherding elders, "Brother W", providing comforting phone calls and one-on-one visits. She voluntarily confessed to those one-on-one shepherding visits escalating into a complete sexual encounter with the elder. She was not disfellowshipped, only publicly reproved, primarily because she had been sexually exploited by the predatory elder, and because she voluntarily stepped forward to confess. Her marriage ended by divorce. She managed to stay active with the congregation for awhile but soon thereafter left the faith. The elder was disfellowshipped because he had concealed the adulterous wrongdoing until confronted with her confession. The elder's wife forgave him. Later, after multiple written requests for reinstatement over the years, he was eventually welcomed back into the organization, now serving again as an elder in a congregation several hours away from that scandal hometown.

    We all make mistakes that we would like to overcome in life, but JWs teach that their leadership is especially appointed by God's holy spirit because that leadership meets lofty scriptural qualifications, so discovering the dirt about their double standards is troubling, and often raises the first big doubts...

    Anthony Morris scotch bottles...

    Theodore Jaracz rape allegation...

    Scandals, whether small town drama or WT top brass, trouble many good people right out of the faith.

  • Biahi

    We had a couple of preschoolers molested, at a sisters day care in her home. The stories those kids told (I only heard part of it), involved a couple of elders wearing hooded robes, and sacrificed chickens. Police got involved, because the parents called FIRST, before involving elders. It managed to get hushed up.


    After 40 years in ( baptized 1977), I witnessed all the drama, backstabbing, rumors, divorces, cheating, a physical fight inside the Kingdom Hall, spankings of small children where no one said a word, members who would change congregations due to conflicts with Elders, heated words on the podium from one Elder to another Elder, spousal abuse, disfellowshipping, brothers who were contractors who were shady even to fellow members, Elders who favored family when it came down to appointments for Ministerial Servants and new Elders, loans that were never paid to fellow members where Elders had to step in, Elder wives knowing everything that was happening in the congregation, members who took and sold drugs, and alcoholics.

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