What Congregation Scandal Still Troubles You?

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  • FedUpJW

    Elders who favored family when it came down to appointments for Ministerial Servants and new Elders.

    This /\ /\ /\ and rapid appointments of anyone who had been brought into da troof by and elder. My father who was en elder (in the truest sense of the word) for many years said, "Anyone who says that nepotism or money does not enter into an appointments is either ignorantly naive, or they are a liar." He did not mean on the part of every elder, but as a body.

    In my area there was a contractor who was audited and fined several thousand dollars in each of no less than three cases of tax evasion, engaged in unemployment fraud, screwed around on each of two JW wives, and said all one had to do was confess after the fact, claim a weak moment, and write a big check to the congregation. It must have worked, for him at least, as he is now an elder in one of the central most southern states in the U.S.. And still regularly getting drunk.

  • Ding

    Jehovah's clean and happy organization...

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I think we've all got some doozies to tell because every congregation has them. The GB however pushes the idea that these are rare in "Jehovah's Organization", and every pocket of R&F JWs believes that they're one of the exceptions and tell themselves that Jehovah sees and will fix it in his due time.

  • wozza

    So many but I won't be greedy

    1: The hall near me ,a wealthy business brother in dry wall industry,new to congo kissed a lot of arse bought a block of land , sub divided it and gave part to to the congo to build a kingdom hall but presented it to the authorities as housing and hall on the plans, put some plumbing illegally from the housing sector of the original part onto the kingdom hall block .All to save money I suppose but the brothers swallowed the BS and appointed him an elder not long after. A few years later I found out thru a sister her best freind was his daughter and he was a pedophile.

    2:In the hills of Adelaide South Australia another brother on the regional Quick build commitee and a builder himself tried to use hall funds to prop his business ,he also was not paying tradesman on his companies jobs ,for one night someone planted a bomb on his freshly laid concrete slab and blew it up , what lovely people!

    3:When I moved to the state of Queensland I was asked to audit the congregation books as soon as I started at their meetings ,apparently the last servant had ripped off thousands of dollars .

    Like others I could write a book so glad to have left .

  • smiddy3

    I personally knew an Elder who used congregation money for his own use intending to pay it back however it was discovered before he could do so.And he was DF for a time.

    A Brother in our QLD. congregation was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife ,knowing the man and his wife ,who incidently played the piano at our sons wedding, I think he was wrongly convicted ,yet at the same time there were some inconsistencies in his defense .

    But then again some born ins do have some weird outlooks / practices in life.

    And there was another person of interest.

    The fact that he didn`t spend that much time in jail ,maybe the powers that be had their doubts about his guilty verdict also.

    His wife`s parents never believed he was guilty either ,and supported him throughout the trial.

  • hoser

    Crooked jw contractors and quick build committees seem to go hand in hand.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Don't you just love it when the CoBE turns up on Lloyd Evans? Here's Steve telling you some of what he did.


    If I wait long enough we might get the entire judicial committee that disfellowshipped me for saying the number 3 was the number 3.

    I will never forget one of those elders saying to me 'the prophet Daniel is not a channel Jehovah is using today.'

    I don't know what Steve does or does not believe now but I will guess he actually has faith that the number 3 is 3.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    I wonder if anyone has been disfellowshipped for saying that the WT is number 2 ?

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Why was the video of my old CoBE removed?

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Several years ago, a married MS and a divorced sister had an affair. Both were d'fed. Within 6 months the former MS was also divorced and both him and the former sister got married. Shortly thereafter, both were reinstated and literally picked up right where they left off in the congregation.

    I got to hand it to them, they played the system perfectly.

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