Invisible Rulership - one of the dumbest things I ever believed in

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  • AverageJoe1
    berrygerry6 hours ago6 hours ago
    Damn. Kate had telepathically said to me that we were exclusive.

    You are. haven't you heard the new light on the word "exclusive"? It doesn't just mean one person but rather overlapping people, so she wasn't lying!

  • wheelwithinwheel

    This thread has me chuckling. Dad read me the emperor story when I was little. He compared the emperor’s people to Christendom. The blind following the blind.

    He had it all figured out. Just like the boy who declared what was plain for all to see. The fact that he had little education and never read any books, other than the org’s was irrelevant. He had stumbled across the truth and seen everything clearly from the age of 12. He had also been a C.O and Gilead graduate. He knew he was right and liked to get his point across even if it meant sticking his foot in the house holder's door.

    Too bad my dear dad has passed. He was a fanatic but I loved him.

    It just makes for such a comical scenario in my head. The guy who believes he has the Emperor’s Clothes story all figured out, banging on doors to tell people they need to worship an invisible King who son is governing invisibly, from an invisible throne. Ironic

    Thanks for the laugh BM!

  • smiddy

    Invisible rulership ,Invisible blessings ,Invisdible benefits ,invisible expectations..

    Actual realisations ? Zero , actually.

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