I don't like the person i am becoming...

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  • millie210

    Im kind of working off Outlaws post here

    It seems to me that a lot of us Witnesses think in absolutes about character. You are either

    a JW

    a potential JW

    or a lost soul.

    So when we leave, we view ourselves as lost souls sometimes. Then we start to act that way.

    Actions always follow thought.

    As others have said above, find yourself, anchor your identity. Define what you want to be about.

    Lose the concept that only Witnesses really have it going on.

    When you do that?

    You will meet the most incredible people. In fact, you will become one.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Ten to one, your mom is not happy about you going on to university and potentially abandoning your faith in the organization. My hunch is that she has put pressure on the elders that are trying to get you more committed to the org. and less to furthering your education.

    If true, my response to the elders would be: I believe Jehovah wants me to further my education so that I can serve Him better in the future. Notice I didn't say "organization".

  • Vidiot

    SpunkedTeen - "...a sister asked my why i was 19 years old and not a MS or serving at bethel yet..."

    Maybe she's into you, but her parents have taken Tony Morris' counsel to heart and told her she can't date you unless you're seen "reaching out"... :smirk:

  • Vidiot

    Outlaw - "...When they leave the Watchtower/Gods Organization... then they either become... bank robbers... or rodeo clowns..."

    The really talented ones become bank-robbing rodeo clowns...


  • Vidiot

    "I see smart-asses... walking around like

    regular asses... they're everywhere..."

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I've become very selfish and rude and very apathetic towards everything and everyone.I always thought the values that jw's taught were really good

    Maybe you have always been selfish, rude and apathetic towards other people. The difference is that while you were under the influence of JW dogma, you were scared into submission and you behaved like a good person, but the core of your person has always been the same.

    It's time to get a moral compass, without having to resort to the guidance of a book that contains a morality that was appropriate 2,500 years ago. Join charitable groups, real charitable groups. Participate in community efforts to improve your community. In other words, befriend and learn from the real good people, not pious hypocrites driven by self interest to get a reward or approval.

  • Vidiot

    never a jw - "...appropriate 2,500 years ago..."

    And even that's debateable.

  • pbrow

    you have been mind fucked from being raised in this church. You can call it selfish if you want (jdubs will surely call it that) but see it for what it is. You are starting to realize that you want things in life and that is ok but it goes against everything we born ins were taught. Go get what you want. Go to school, have fun and start to experience life that many of us wish we had woken up to MUCH earlier then you have!

    Good luck brother!


  • Dagney

    People will always say and ask insensitive questions, and parents are trying to do right by their kids. Some are worse than others, but they mostly are trying to help you have a successful life...even if it means being in a cult.

    The advice here is good. You need to explore the world and find out what is best for you. It is not hard. You are making it hard. Like Nike says...just do it!

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