Did something changed regarding faders recently?

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  • Vidiot

    One thing’s for sure, this definitely supports the rumours of the Org transitioning to an e-religion.

    Covid’s given ‘em the ideal pretext.

  • Scully

    Who cares?

    Live your life the way JWs only wish they could. When they see you, and see your happy, carefree life, they think about how shallow their life is, how shallow their Friendships™ are, how meaningless and unsuccessful their Ministry™ is.

    I've started shunning them, because there's no effing way I will ever go back to their so-called Spiritual Paradise™.

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks, I didn’t mean to flatter myself but the fact is:..Witnesses think their opinions are important and they imagine that something as idiotic as shunning somebody in a store means something in the grand scheme of things..The reality is that the shunned person might not even recognize them.


    I believe I was a victim of that ‘marking and shunning’ back in the ‘80s & ‘90s directed at people who were perceived as ‘not strong in the Truth’.

    I had a full-time job I refused to quit to appease older hypocrites. I refused to follow in the footsteps of single women there who bought the BS and did favors for all the Users there...They were conned into minding other people’s business instead of their own. (They should have been getting an education and career.)..This was the garbage the religion held out to young single women. Thankfully, I didn’t buy it.

    The older hypocrites back then with their pensions or businesses & cushy lives are almost all passed away by now..As for the ones my age (pioneers on a high-horse invited everywhere and who looked down on me because they were expected to)..I hope they managed somehow to prepare for retirement age which they have reached by now!

    I’m SO glad I’m not around them now to hear sob stories/appeals for money for those of them who never prepared. I’m not interested. They better go track down their ‘spiritual’ friends and ask THEM for help!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Will going online make it more difficult or easier for faders, well it depends.

    If you began 'fading' before the 'zoom' era, probably easier fading away.

    But, if you're trying to fade after meetings went 'online' probably it will be tougher.

    Tougher because people will be 'looking' for you wondering where you are. Because you know, that all important appearance is alllll tooo important. Expect emails or phone calls and texts asking about your apparent lack of appearance.

    If fading began prior to the zoom era, well more power to you. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Move away if you can. Even put in a job transfer if possible. Hundreds of miles away and don't tell anyone. There you go.

  • Overrated

    The act of shunning is so high school. What really does it prove! And yes it hurts when it's family. The best you can do is live best possible life without them and let them be in their misery. We are free from a cult.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The act of shunning is so high school. What really does it prove!

    I believe in past years it was a discipline that was supposed to "awaken" or shock the "sinner" into changing their path and "repent".

    More recently, I believe it is a tool of their "information control". I suspect if apostasy and doubt have not overtaken immorality as the #1 reason to be DF'd then it is damn close. Plus many who are DF'd for breaking the JW moral code will seek out "association" and stumble across apostate websites (like this one) where they usually soon learn TTATT. WT cannot have the R&F who are too lazy or too dumb or too apathetic to question and reason on things to get into discussions with those who have already done so.

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