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  • Bobcat

    I saw that they worked the selling of KHs into the 2-part Nehemiah video in the convention. It was indirect, but it was there.

    In the video there was a fictional thread where Jews were being 'selected' to move into Jerusalem (within the walls). The process of being selected was apparently random, and without asking the subject whether they wanted to or not. And the issue portrayed in the video was that if you were faithful you would make the move if you were 'selected.' Only unfaithful ones were shown to object to moving when they were told to.

    It was a blatant take on the selling of KHs and being reassigned to another congregation, whether it was convenient or not.

  • Diogenesister
    Diogenesister the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious here.......they’re waiting for Armageddon to arrive and provide a solution to the pandemic problem.

  • Carmichael

    In the not so far away future...

    "But how do we react when God’s organization makes a change that affects other aspects of our life? For example, in recent years the cost of building and maintaining your homes and computer equipment used for Zoom meetings has increased dramatically. So the Governing Body has directed that some of your families be merged and houses be sold. The funds are being used to help build houses and maintain Zoom computer equipment for others living in areas that need them the most. If you live where homes are being sold and families are being merged, you may find it a challenge to adapt to the new circumstances. Still, cooperating with this new arrangement should be commended." -- Page 2-3, November 202? WT

  • Aleph

    or Bethels being sold....

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    The fictional parts are put into every drama. Tge sad part is the rank and file then wonder how they missed that when reading the bible.

    Since things are written so far in advance there must be plans laid to sell more

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    But you do feel sorry for the r&f who gave their time, energy, and finances to build the halls. They were always told that the KHs were part of the goods held in the hands of Jesus (aka the Gov. Body on earth).

    There were real efforts to build KHs in each town - only for them to disappear as congregations were merged. People asked us in the ministry "If you are the one true church why aren't you in every town like the other churches?"

    Soon people will be asking who JWs actually are because no one will see their presence in the community at all!

    As far as letter writing goes what do most people do when unsolicited junk mail is put in the letter box, they toss it out with the rubbish. The only reason for letter writing and cold calling by telephone is so the r&f can report Service Time to the organisation.

    It serves no practical purpose outside of that reason.

  • Jeffro
    Slim I think the mags are compiled some months in advance before they are produced
    JW members receive the magazines a few months before the stated issue date, and the articles are compiled a few months before that. So as far as reporting current events, it isn't really the well-oiled machine of efficiency they would have everyone believe. In addition to that, the Watch Tower Society in recent decades seems to have deliberately avoided making statements about immediately current events, instead waiting to see how they can spin them.
  • LongHairGal

    There have been many threads in the past months on this topic of selling off kingdom halls.

    Some people believe Zoom is the answer to this and besides..who will miss the halls?? Answer: the faithful elderly, diehards and needy people looking for handouts will miss the halls and the human contact they had at meetings!! (It’s kind of hard to go around with an envelope and approach ‘certain’ people to contribute money for the ‘needy’ if you’re not in person. OR are the brothers going to make cold calls in the community asking for money??). If at some point, meetings did resume, Witnesses will have to drive ever further to go to another hall.

    Also, what happens in the event bethels decide to expel yet more people?? At least in the past they had a physical kingdom hall to go TO..It would be many times harder for them now.

    Even though I’m Out of the JW religion and don’t care about any of this - I’m not believing that Zoom can be a permanent substitute for meetings and real congregations. I’m not so sure the religion can continue like this indefinitely. And, as has been mentioned, what about the JW brand of being visible in the community.

    People may disagree but that’s how I feel.

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