Be loyal when a relative is disfellowshipped

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Well.....they showed that shunning video again. You know...the one where Goldilocks gets disfellowshipped- and the parents look across the hall at her with disdain.....yeah that video.

    I was interested to see what kind of answers would be given during the discussion after the video and some of the reactions. Everyone sat there gormlessly staring at the video. A mixed bag of individuals answered up, though with not much conviction. One die hard answered up as to why the parents were loyally shunning there daughter for years. As she was speaking the cobe was profusely nodding with approval.

    Yep...Just another reminder I'm part of a high control group masquerading as a Christian religion!

  • sparrowdown

    It's a wonder there isn't a song to go along with that wondrous depiction of "Jehovah's love" brought to you by the religion of love, the words would be

    Shun shun shun shun

    Shun shun shun shun

    Altogether now

    Shun shun shun shun...

  • MrRoboto

    And it's meeting parts like this that make me sick (and did the first round when this vid was part of the RC)

    for the Q: How did their loyalty to Jehovah benefit Sonja?

    I was thinking something like:

    "So after many years of having no natural affection for their daughter and granddaughter (2tim3:3 : ) Sonja finally saw the darkness she was living in and decided it was time..."


    Oh yah & dont forget the spiritual gems part that asks "Why will God’s Kingdom have to crush the earthly rulerships depicted in the image?" even though the only thing left these days is the feet/toes - oops!

  • stuckinarut2

    And now it makes perfect sense why My Father has gone into "super-righteous arrogant judgemental prick" mode this week... (And we are not even DA or DF)

  • ToesUp

    God, I hate, hate, hate that video. The hateful looks on the parents face when the announcement is made that she is DF'd is disgusting. I have mentioned to a few (still in JW's) that I hate that video and would NEVER EVER do this to my children. They don't say much but they don't disagree with me. WT is a bunch of dirty rotten pricks for coming up with this video. Show's the true color of the cult. If you could do this to your children, shame on you!

  • floridaborn

    And its awful they think people return for a relationship with Jehovah, no, they miss their whole social circle!!! How do they not see that?

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes floridaborn!

    Well said!

    That line that "Sonia" uses : "I knew that if they just gave me that one bit of association - it might satisfy me" (or something like that) is pure and utter emotional blackmail. Manipulation in its finest!

    WHY would anyone CHOOSE to go back to the very one's that have used abusive behaviour???

    Why would a battered wife go back to the man that beats her? "Oh he still loves me"

    It is NO different to the JW situation. They treat people in an abusive manner, then compound the situation by maligning their character and reputation amongst the rest of the congregation, THEN think that witnesses would WANT to go back??


  • berrygerry

    People should have videoed the meeting. Comments provide a great example of the private vs public doctrine.

  • NeedToKnow

    I was recently told by someone who's been reinstated that one of the driving reasons that person decided to come back was because my family (only I amd baptised, my kids and husband aren't, yeah I totally married not in the lord) and another person never shunned them and always treated them like a human being should be treated, with kindness and respect ... with love. But the org will never admit that shunning is not loving at all.

  • helpmeout

    This is the one singular teaching that convinces me that this is not a God directed organization. I'm ashamed to say that I share in community responsibility for shunning family members. I have recently reached out to my sister and was met with graciousness that puts JWs to shame. Trying to associate this God-dishonouring practice with loyalty to God is evil. I cannot for one minute think that our Creator would be pleased with a father or mother who ignored the phone call of a child. It is emotional abuse in its most egregious form. Shame on the GB for producing this hateful, destructive propaganda and for trying to pass it off as "spiritual food."

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