An exJW for Prez?!! Peace, for Prince!

by Spartacus II - The Equalizer 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • DonQuixote

    You mean mein kommandant right?

    The one guy definitely looks like he got his mark of the beast in his forehead early!

    The rest have reservations! :-)

    Do they have free wifi at Goodwill and 3G at the river?

    One cat's not smilin.

  • Spartacus II - The Equalizer
    Spartacus II - The Equalizer

    That's because he was in Outlaws hat.

    He was the cat in the hat.

    Instead of Thing one and thing two it's troll 1 thru troll 5 having a blast wetting themselves in kitty urine.

    Read up on your collective works of great literature, but don't read File 17 today.

  • DonQuixote

    Too late, already did. Conspiracy!

    That was a terrible picture of Richard Pryor that Outlaw posted!

    He would have told Outlaw, 'u'r momma eatz kitty litter". And he'd be right! :-)

    Sorry to hear about your candidates' family deaths and pulling out.

    Mark Sanderson was ready to back him if you would have just answered his one question,

    which group was he with? 1. Masons 2. Illuminati 3. Skull and Bones 4. Anonymous ?

  • Dunedain

    He is the words behind the universal secret of all time. He's lived a thousand times, hes found out what it means to be believed. The thought and images, the unborn child that never was conceived. When evil worlds collide, Hes trapped inside his embryonic cell . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Spartacus II - The Equalizer
    Spartacus II - The Equalizer


    You are beautiful person.

    Great bio.

    You, did it. Continue.

    Your validation will come from a different angle. WT will be sued soon for fraud and misrepresentations like any other non profit organization that entices volunteers on false pretenses, like fake ex vet sites, in the very country they were given birth to and legitimacy.

    How fitting.

    The candidate will eat them alive in court. he has the ammunition and the guts to shut them down from inside and outside unlike the troubled trolls who talk talk yada yada bleh.

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