An exJW for Prez?!! Peace, for Prince!

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  • Spartacus II - The Equalizer
    Spartacus II - The Equalizer

    It appears there is about a million voting age JWs in the US right now. It appears there is 8 million ex JWs or in the shadows.

    If those 8 million would have the guts to come out for a presidential candidate to come out, we can finally end the slavery, tyranny and corruption in this and many other circles.

    Cowards die many times but a hero only dies once. And cowards die in Revelation.

    So, to you reading this, are you a coward or a true steward of the Earth and Creation?

    There exists a man who is the son of a very, very special WWII vet. His father was General Dwight D. Eisenhower's personal radio operator who received the telegram from General Alfred Jodl that Germany surrenders and WWII is over. He was only the third person in the whole world who knew that the war was over before even handing it to IKE or the President of the U.S.!

    IKE was raised as a Jehovah Witness in PA, and left to conquer Hitler and save the world as the Allied Forces Supreme Commander thank god, not Jah, with this brave man by his side. At Army induction and testing at Camp Crowder Missouri, he scored the highest score in the communications test in the history of the US to be closer to IKE than the Secret Service and bodyguards for many months!

    IKE, never voted, until he ran for President, and WON the primary BY WRITE IN votes!!!!

    This vet landed in Normandy on D-Day. When he was leaving Boston Harbor, Catholic Cardinal Cushing was blessing the boat for victory of the American forces "over those ungodly, lousy Germans and AXIS forces!" When he got to Europe, he was shocked to find out that the POPE was blessing Mussolini and the AXIS forces to WIN "and kill those evil Allied forces!" Now it stands to reason that a KING beats a ROOK or Bishop and God would back the pope and Hitler, and America would lose, right? What ridiculousness! This man became so sick of the senseless killing, that a few years after he got home, he joined Jehovahs Witnesses because of their supposed 'neutrality'.

    He probably came home with his own form of (undiagnosed) PTSD, and may have been an alcoholic and abusive husband to his first wife, whom ran away from him and divorced him. His second wife was a devout Catholic who did not believe in divorce no matter how much abuse or marital problems, and he would be 'safe' from being abandoned again! He lied to her about being previously married/divorced and didn't disclose it until near the wedding day, and my mom was therein trapped and could not back out and was sick to her stomach and asked her priest for an annulment of his previous marriage, and got one it is thought, so she proceeded to marry him in total hypocrisy.

    Within a year or two, he converted to Jehovah's Witnesses! WOW, talk about an ELMER GANTRY fanatic then! Then male chauvinism was advanced! The vets sob wants to apologize to, and gain, the support of the League of Women Voters and the LGBT community for sure!

    He BUILT an entire half state of congregations as a "Congregation Servant" in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and then, a constant presiding overseer thereafter, unable to take higher appointments due to his 'unbeliever wife". She died a faithful, practicing Catholic in 2006 of severe dementia, aphsyia and rapid onset Parkinsons that would have been cured if people weren't waiting 'for the end, and second coming, etc."

    This vet died on Memorial Day weekend a few years after, beginning to question why the end "DID NOT COME?" when the JWs CLEARLY preached since the 1918 Cedar Point Ohio Convention to "advertise, advertise, advertise the king and his kingdom, for MILLIONS NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE", and as printed in all of their literature of the time declaring that they were the ONLY RELIGION ON EARTH who knew "The Truth" from Jehovah that the end times began in 1914, and you had to be of "an age of understanding by then, or 12 years old" to know that the end had begun to see that "this generation shall not pass away".

    The son was baptized Catholic, in the early 70s served as an alter boy and was sexually molested by the priest and was threatened never to tell any one OR ELSE!

    Eventually he quit and converted to JW and became a full time pioneer for seven years. He was hastily baptized at 16, which should be ILLEGAL for ANY religion!

    He met his wife there and she served seven years as well, until they saw extreme political corruption there, changing doctrines of the "previous truth" etc and read Ray Franz's book "Crises of Conscience" and they left without writing a letter or being disfellowshipped but have been shunned and punished for many years since.

    But the father stayed and was removed as an elder because he "talked to Disfellowshipped persons" (AS AN ELDER though!) telling them he was proud of them for still attending meetings and trying to better their lives! Then he ran to another congregation after a few months hiatus. Then. he got reappointed as an elder. Then he tried to help them build a new kingdom hall and politicans played games with zoning off and on and off and on and racked up costs that they accused HIM of negligently incurring! He then quit being an elder, again.

    But, " the need was great" (for volunteer suckers) back then and he was conned to get back to an elder constantly volunteering decades of his life in the kitchens of "assembly Halls" and district convention stadiums. He made them MILLIONS of dollars, and died penniless and unable to get proper V.A. help!

    The man went through years of turmoil and ostracization, while STILL being TOO PROUD to admit he was wrong in religion and it destroyed his family like a cancer like it does to many cult families.

    We believe PRINCE is a casualty of this religion.

    Now one of the other vets sons who was shunned and turned to drugs and alcohol finally died yesterday, and the other son has the spirit of Spartacus and the Zeitgeist to rise up and use some recent unrelated fame and news coverage to come out!

    He has sat in the closet, dark, laid low and kept a private citizen quiet life until recent events propelled him into the local news, which he could take advantage of to raise to the national level maybe to make an instant STRIKE into the public eye....for one reason....

    To run as a TRULY INDEPENDENT Presidential Candidate, "non denominational" to appeal to ALL VOTERS if possible, and if unable to get the signatures needed to get printed on ballots, be a Write In Candidate LIKE IKE!, because the State Registration deadlines have not passed yet for Write ins.

    He would only do it if he could get a quarter to half million volunteers to stand at every single polling station in every county on Nov. 8th to hand out a "protest vote" sticker with the write in name.

    If many others also wanted to volunteer to help the campaign, oh boy oh boy, this would certainly help propel him into the national spotlight giving him a shot at a debate with the two or three nominees of the dying system and ways.

    The POWER OF SCIENCE and the internet and social media could help make history and might even get the billionaires behind "Better For America' and John Kingstons group of NeverTrump, to support such a movement if we rose up quickly!

    Up to now but they PREACH that they WANT a private citizen, independent, right down the middle on all things but it is becoming increasingly apparent that they may prefer a conservative religious republican really and we have to make this happen with the opposite, Richard Dawkins foundation!

    (Or, maybe both!)

    Over the years, he has been inspired by Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and fantastic pieces of documentaries from Netflix and YouTube like Asap science and vsauce 1 and 2-mind blow, and the Zeitgeist Movement, the Thrive Movement, and the Venus Project, and he would ask their members to help us too, after you, if we likewise pitch their contributions to the attempted betterment of mankind, especially after Obama told NPR a few days ago that "TRUMP LACKS The ZEITGEIST".

    Google the story!

    Now, after the Mexico story of JWs destroying a 7000 year old temple the rest of us can rise up and be heard around the globe!

    Just think, that if we started here, with a decent showing, we could get tens of millions of followers to back us and in weeks or days, and there would be a name and a face to use of those leaving cults and abusive religion, who was a 4.0 graduate with many science awards and national tv exposure when 12 and 16 yrs old and could use THAT also to propel him back into the national spotlight too!

    He will stop the wars and will visit Assad with his partially Syrian wife of 30 years who home schooled their three 4.0 children. He will visit the Pope to open up the Vatican library to you and scholars and investigators of books hidden from the world. If there is an Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia time to open it up and see if it is a radio signal to any powerful force away from Earth.

    IF at least 10% of you out in the wilderness will agree to commit, he will reveal his name and videos on YouTube that will shock you and embolden you!

    You can stay anonymous until that point, just tell every single person you know to either reply or like this posting to show the numbers are there and you will not be disappointed if you do!

    Independence Day starts now for the world!

    Spread the word!

    Volunteers of all shapes sizes ages backgrounds are welcome, Atheists, Agnostics, every single belief!

    When you reply just say if you wish to also volunteer to build the campaign, so we would have an idea of support there, and then we just need one volunteer per polling station in every county of every state on Nov 8th, and if we still don't win, boy oh boy will we still have an impact and still change the world and advance the Zeitgeist of the time!

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Can I borrow some of what you're smoking, because that must be some good shit.

  • Landy

    Can someone precis that please?

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2


    Well I almost made it through, but please consider your math.....its off. there are not 8 million ex JW's alive and certainly not within voting age. Even if there were lets say 500K, they would be spread all over the world, have varying degrees of sympathy for the org or the ability to do what you suggest, and be of varying ages.

    But way to think big. Maybe instead of that, just make a thoughtful sign, and go to the regional convention nearby and smile and hand out JW facts tracts.

  • Spartacus II - The Equalizer
    Spartacus II - The Equalizer

    The math is not meant to count actual did disfellowshipped baptized publishers, it was meant to stand to include a wide variety of those who have come in contact with JWs, studied and/or attended, published or not, and left.

    There are 14k US congregations.

    In the course of a year at least 20 to 30 leave per congregation who lose interest, stop studying or "fall away" cuz of sex drugs marriage, job, relocation, even if 30 to 40 new ones arrive.
    And, after 1975, 1986, 2000 and 9/11 millions have left that are still alive in the US today !
  • DesirousOfChange
  • Listener

    Let me get this straight, I have to promise to support you and then you will reveal yourself and your personal information?

    Could you, at the very least, reveal something that we don't already know?

  • Simon

    Being an exJW doesn't make you a single-issue voter.

    Of all the reasons to vote for someone, simply being an exJW is one of the least compelling I can imagine.

    This is completely idiotic and you sound like a nut. We're not here to give your crazy a platform, you should probably start your own blog for that.

  • JeffT
    IKE, never voted, until he ran for President, and WON the primary BY WRITE IN votes!!!!

    We don't know if Ike voted or not. The Military forbids political activity by serving members. Only eleven states had primaries or in 1952, and Eisenhower was running because he opposed Taft's isolation is.

    122,000,000 people voted in the last election. 8 million could make a difference, but they're not going to swamp the system.

    The only parts of all that gibberish I can decipher is factually wrong.

  • Spartacus II - The Equalizer
    Spartacus II - The Equalizer

    There's a lot already said unknown to the world.
    Read between the lines.
    Ike had 3 trusted radio operators closer than the secret service.
    One became a kingpin JW without being a CO. DO or higher. His son was one and left in 1989 and became a respectable business person in two states North and South now and is on TV and news, and CNN for something unrelated that could be used to introduce the run for an independent candidate as an ex JW.
    Also his troubled brother just died very suspiciously and it may make national news and it can be attributed to JW shunning.

    He is known to John Kingstons group "Better for America", who want a "non politician, private citizen from middle America, with a compelling biography and message to America" to run as an independent on Nov 8.
    They do not know he is an ex JW yet. It might hurt, it might help.
    If a bunch of people wrote to them and said "don't limit yourself to a conservative Christian" they might listen.
    Go to their website yourself and read. This guy has an incredible biography, and is non denominational which is hurting him with BFA for now.
    The new age movement can help them change their minds if the Zeitgeist is right, and it is time.
    If it is not, go ahead and vote for the old system and dying ways if you want to.

    This guy is who Steve Jobs calls one of "the crazy ones".
    If you never saw the one minute video on YouTube, watch it.
    Either you believe, or not.
    Saying"dream on" is the glaze that will awaken someday, maybe not this year, but, it is inevitable and unstoppable.
    This is a testing of the waters on this front to see if the universe wants to make it happen.
    Or not.
    Going back to the private business world is ok too and leave the Nov 8 choices stand and live with it. It's everyone's life to spend under whatever circumstances desired.
    We, do not desire the available choices.

    Followers of The Zeitgeist Movement and Thrive Movement and The Venus Project should, "should" back this compelling person. Watch those YouTube videos and judge for yourself since this guy straddles a little of all of their views.
    If you are over 18 though and live in the US just please register as a NPA anyway if you are enjoying your American freedom.
    If a whole bunch of exJWs said, yeah man let's TRY, what the heck, let's rock the vote, let's use crowd funding and social media more than Obama did and score what we can score at least for public awareness if nothing else, mission accomplished.
    It would be worth the fun to tell the angry old party of no...."NO"!
    If there's really no interest or support here, than there's no reason ruining a public life for nothing. Anonymous shouts of support would bring a public response, it doesn't risk anything or cost anything to say "if I like what I see and hear after more disclosure, heck yeah I'm not afraid to help". That's all that's being asked right now.
    No one has to "commit" to anything yet. Exploratory committee of what if. The first responses aren't supportive yet.
    We'll see if better ones come.

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