Deep Down Inside, Are You Prejudiced???

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  • minimus

    People express prejudice because thet think they're better than others.

  • cat1759
    The day after September 11th, I was on my way to work when I saw a Muslim walking towards me and I had an overwhelming desire to smash him in the face.

    I felt this way after September 11. My son had taken all of us to Six Flags in October of that year and we saw Muslims and they all smiled at us and I smiled back because I realized that even though there are some bad apples there are those that just want a good life like I did. Well everything was alright then my eldest son started dating a Muslim. My first question was does she carry a bomb? That was so mean. Then he decided to go to meet her parents and I was so scared that he would get sucked into doing something. It was out of fear that I felt this way. Her family is awesome and she is the sweetest kindest woman. She tells stories of how her mom took the kids and ran for their lives before coming to America. A young child used to gunshots just blew my mind.

    This is a keeper and I hope my son realizes it.


  • smack

    Most of us have problems liking everything about ourselves, how are we supposed to like everyone else. My standard answer is the same as Stinky's, but humour doesn't cut it somethyme. Aussies have the same prejudices as Americans, just towards different ethnic groups. The people that cop the most hate are the ones that made Australia. The immigrant of the 50's and 60's built this country. The immigrant of the 80's 90's and naughties are the future.


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