Deep Down Inside, Are You Prejudiced???

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  • Scully

    I will not tolerate intolerance!!

    Seriously though, the only extreme prejudice I have at present has to do with Jah Christian lunatics.

    Love, Scully

    oh and that DancinIrishJames nincompoop too.

  • minimus

    Here's my take: We're all prejudiced. We get mad at the "Typical" Asian driver that never looks but one way at an intersection. We look at a person and assume he comes from a lineage of drunks or welfare cheats or thieves or laziness. We might say that "we're not that way" but the truth is prejudice comes out of us at various times. We may not ALWAYS say that Polish people are-------- or All blacks and Puerto Ricans are------ Or they're just typical Jews, Indians or Vietnamese.....But prejudice does rear its ugly head at one time or another.

  • shamus

    I do not practice prejudice. (did I spell that correctly?)

    I do, however, practice stereotypes.... but, stereotypes vary greatly. Not doing with race, but with which country you came from.

    It is a well known fact that the most kind and pleasant people in the world are Japanese. It is also a well known fact that the most ignorant tourists on the planet come from XXXXXX. Enough said.

  • minimus

    Yes, Shamus. Insert any group and you should get a very interesting response.

  • shamus


    Oh yeah! What I mean in that XXX space shall never be revealed.....

  • OrbitingTheSun

    Prejudice is natural. The same mechanism that enables you to see an apple and recognize that it is edible just like every other apple is what causes us to see people and categorize them. It originated as a survival mechanism. What if you couldn’t differentiate between good food and poisonous food? Someone in your tribe and someone in a dangerous tribe? You wouldn’t survive too long.

    So, the ability to see something and judge it is not the culprit. It’s the abuse of it. With that said, I am prejudice but I don’t harbor negative judgments of people. My family is not only racial mixed but I also have relatives from all classes. Exposure to such a diverse group of people has enabled me to develop a unique perspective that I am happy with and try to share with others.

  • minimus

    Prejudice is defined: an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason......unreasonable feelings, opinions or attitudes esp. of a hostile nature,directed against a racial, religious or national group.....Webster

  • shamus
    national group

    Then I am prejudiced. Only in the above quoted statement. Again, it is only an assumption on how I treat people, until I know if they are ok. And, I am talking of "tourists"... not people on this board or anything silly like that.

    People are all people, no matter where they come from! There are good apples and bad apples everywhere! Just some bad apples tend to migrate....

    My dad is real prejudiced. I can't stand it. I always tell him that I want to go to Pakistan and do some climbing and eat their wonderful food.... he just can't see it. It's fun to bug him!

  • Mary
    Believe me I know as I was raised in a segregated south.

    Is it true that in the South, ah say the South

  • happyout

    Since prejudice is defined as an unfavorable opinion about a group without knowledge beforehand, I can honestly say, I am not prejudiced.

    I believe I do often stereotype. This is defined as an oversimplified standardized image or idea held by one person or group of another
    Since my views aren't negative, I don't think I am prejudiced. I do tend to hold certain preconceived positive ideas about groups, i.e., Asians are usually intelligent, blacks all have rythym, latin men are sexy, etc. Is that a bad thing?


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