Who is the mediator for jehovahs witnesses?

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    the girl next door


    Religions do not volunteer their most offensive doctrines to newcomers, and Watchtower doctrine about the mediator generally is not presented to Bible Studies before baptism. The word mediator does not appear at all in What Does the Bible Really Teach?, a primary teaching aid of Jehovah's Witnesses. Yet Jesus role as mediator is an important and fundamental teaching of Christianity, directly discussed in the Bible. In the Reasoningbook the only mention of the mediator is in an unrelated manner that attempts to explain why we should not trust in Saints;

    "1 Tim. 2:5, JB: "There is only one God, and there is only one mediator between God and mankind, himself a man, Christ Jesus." (There is no allowance here for others to serve in the role of mediator for the members of Christ's congregation.)" Reasoning From the Scriptures? p.184 par. 7

    That is an ironic statement, since the Governing Body claim the Great Crowd benefit from Jesus role as mediator by being in contact with them.

    Watchtower hypocritically criticises the Catholic teaching that Saints can be “intercessors with God”, quoting 1 Timothy that there is only one mediator, yet the Watchtower teaching that the anointed mediate for the Great Crowd is in the same vein as this Catholic teaching.

    Watchtower 2014 Jun 1 p.15

    Jesus acts as both Mediator and High Priest. He is mediator to all mankind, with no intermediary between himself and humans. No man is our head; everyone answers directly to Christ.

    1 Corinthians 11:3 "But I want YOU to know that the head of every man is the Christ"

    The Watchtower teaches that only 144,000 people make up the New Covenant, and that Jesus is mediator for them alone. Of the billions of people that have ever lived the New Covenant is only open to 144,000 people, around 50,000 of which lived in the first half on the 1900's.

    By saying that Jehovah's Witnesses can only have a relationship with their Saviour if they are united with the Slave Class, Rutherford transferred tremendous power to himself and the following leaders of the Watchtower Organization, effectively creating the structure necessary for (and indicative of) a cult.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Exhaustive proof of what I stated in post number 2 of this thread.

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    But there is no salvation outside the organisation which is led by the governing body. You’re missing that point..it’s a requirement for salvation. Faith in Jesus sure, that’s on the list, however according to JW doctrine it’s not enough. You need to do the JW activities, obey the slave.

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    . But he indicated that others too will receive the benefit of Christ's sacrifice: "He is a propitiatory sacrifice for our sins, yet not for ours only but also for the whole world's."

    As a lifelong non JW but member of the Anglican Church that assertion that Christ is the propitiatory sacrifice for our sins , yet not ours only but the whole worlds , does sound like they are saying that Christ is the way to what l would call " Salvation "

    l had the impression for a long time that JWs did teach that Christ only " saved " the 144, 000 .

    Now , however it seems that the Watchtower teaching that Christ only mediates between Jehovah and the " little flock " is a device to demand the complete obedience of the " great flock "


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    Half banana

    Biblical theology is a tar-pit, the ground looks level and there is food sitting there for the taking.

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    My Name is of No Consequence

    "Who is the mediator for jehovahs witnesses?"

    Does it really matter? Most witnesses will tell you that it's Jesus, the 144,000 or the governing body. But to them, it's all the same.

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    the girl next door

    I can’t speak to what most JWs think about their relationship with Jesus or exactly where they fit into the JW puzzle of mediatorship.

    Probably a lot of them if asked would flat out state that Jesus is their mediator. They would be wrong in the sense that that is not what WT teaches them.

    But many of them if not most must be clear by now that if they do not have a heavenly hope, they are just passengers to the whims of the governing body. In fact even remaining “anointed” not in Bethel are really just passengers. They have no say or affect on the direction of the organization. They too have a simple mandate, remain faithful to the governing body, even if what the governing body says doesn’t make sense, or lose their salvation only to die at Armageddon.

    For the “other sheep”,which lets be honest, is just about every publisher that sits in a KH, the only hope they have of salvation and surviving Armageddon is to do exactly as the governing body tells them.

    In essence, that really makes them implicit as Christ deniers, letting a cult dictate what relationship with Jesus they can or can not have despite what is written in their very own Bibles. Is it any wonder that millions reject the blood and body of Christ each year at the Memorial?

    JWs worship the governing body. Many have pieced this together and have promptly left, willing to lose family and friends, not all in the pursuit of real “truth”, but because they could no longer be a part of such blatant hypocrisy and sickening disregard for actual scripture.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I would think that the average 21st century JW doesn't know what a mediator is and what use it would be to have one.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS says one thing then implements something else.

    They identify themselves as the faithful slave but are not to be challenged to their decisions or scriptural interpretations, yet they constantly go against Jesus's instructions for preaching his return and New Kingdom.

    During the vow when a person gets baptized as a JWS you have to make vow of servitude and devotion to them, which isn't in the bible either.

  • Finkelstein

    It could be said the WTS places a wall blocking people's salvation from god because the WTS enforces people to be obedient to them, which many times is in opposition (Apostasy) to Jesus.

    You cant be in full devoted adherence to Jesus his guidance and instructions and be an active JWS at the same time, the biggest reason is the WTS is a man made (sinful) commercialized false prophet.

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