Who is the mediator for jehovahs witnesses?

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Thus far on this thread I have not seen from WT literature who is considered the mediator of the great crowd.

    I will check out JWFacts as suggested on this issue.

  • Searril

    What I could never understand is why aren`t any of those anointed in any K.H. anywhere in the world given any positions of authority in their local congregations ?

    If Jesus covenant applied to him and the 144000 only then why aren`t the anointed recognized at the KH.? and given the due respect they should receive ? After all they are future king and priests to rule alongside Jesus.

    These are the questions dubs should be asking, but won't out of fear (several different fears, actually).

    There is one absolute, universal truth from which this cult has never and will never waiver: The Governing Body will never enact any change that intentionally takes money from their coffers, nor any change that decreases their power over the lives of others. If you agree that the latter part of the last sentence is true, then you'll understand why the GB kicked the "regular anointed" out of the FDS club and why they won't share any of their glory with any of them.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    No serious researcher today uses the Bible as an authority.

    The very reliance on the Iron Age writings incorporated into the Bible indicates an attitude of unquestioning submission. Here is where the fundamental fault lies in giving proper meaning to ancient texts. They were written by the powerful to control the dumb at a time when written language was itself an evidence of authority. Those who believe the Bible are the dumb and fearful who listen in awe to the religious mediators of the day.

    Who needs a mediator? No one unless you're trying to settle a dispute.

    "Spirit anointed Christian"? A modern post-Watchtower fiction!

    The premise that man is sinful is a catchy religious fallacy which has allowed the priests, clergy and cult leaders to flourish financially and therefore wield power like they did in the first century and continue doing so today. There is no such thing as the "144,000 anointed" it is a myth courtesy of the Watchtower cult.

    For our own sanity and progress in the world, we must ignore JW teachings and their irrelevant demands and get a proper life based on things which have evidence for their existence not this worthless Watchtower hocus pocus.

  • truth_b_known

    So, if you are not of the Annointed there is no point in offering prayer to Jehovah as Jesus will not mediate for you so your prayer is heard? Wow! Mind blown!

  • jhine

    "God the Son became man to free us from sin and open to us the way to Heaven and everlasting life with God."

    That is a quote from an official Catholic website . They most definitely see Jesus as the "potential " Saviour for everyone . l say potential because another poster quoted from a JW pronouncement saying that " Christians believe that Jesus died so that all GOOD people go to Heaven " That is a straw man worthy of Dawkins . Christians don't believe that good people go to Heaven , only people who accept the sacrificial death of Christ on their behalf .

    l am not Catholic so l don't know why they pray through saints .


  • snakeface

    As has been posted, the Bible says that Jesus is the mediator between God and "man". But I remember seeing in the publications (it's been many years ago) that the WT teaches that Jesus is the mediator between Jehovah and the 144K. The other sheep are nothing.

    You can choose to follow either the Bible, or the Watchtower, or your own beliefs. Many here are do not believe in God at all and that is their choice. But I think all of us would agree that what the WT teaches is not the same as what the Bible teaches.

  • Perry

    Exactly Snakeface.

    The preeminent offer in the New Testament is called Justification. And it is officially ordained and ratified the moment a person puts their trust in Christ Alone... in this life.

    Romans 8:1 - There is therefore NOW no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

    Romans 8: 30 - Moreover...them he also called...he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

    Justification is an accounting term that compares your payables and assets to determine your debt or profit status. In theological terms, "being justified" means that you have no sin-debt to pay to God. And, because you have no debt, God is free to adopt you and care for you as his very own offspring. So, even though you are not actually righteous, you are legally "declared righteous" .

    The Watchtower makes the status of their members before God shockingly clear if you look for it:

    1. You still carry your sin debt before God as a Jehovah's Witness. - "The...other sheep are in a different condition [than the Governing Body] ...They are still human creatures, not even justified." - WT 38 p.104, 105

    2. God is not your Father as a Jehovah's Witness. - "he is not yet giving the 'other sheep' the standing of sons... they address him prospectively as 'Our Father'." - WT 8/15/45 p. 253

    3. Jesus is not your Savior as a Jehovah's Witness - "...Jesus is the Mediator only for anointed Christians. WT 4/1/79 p.

    4. You are not officially declared righteous as a Jehovah's Witness. "These have not received the free gift of righteousness"... WT 6/15/2011 p. 15

    Imagine if Jehovah's Witnesses actually told the truth when they went to people's doors about what they teach:

    Knock, Knock. "Good morning. Would you like to hear about a religion where God is not your father, Jesus is not your Savior and you keep your sin-debt before God?"

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    “And the doors to heaven are closed”

  • atomant

    Thus far on this thread I have not seen from WT literature who is considered the mediator of the great crowd.

    I will check out JWFacts as suggested on this issue.

    did you find any info vanderhoven7?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    It has been stated repeatedly and referenced by WT literature in multiple posts. The GC have no mediator. They are latchers on trying to gain paradise by extension.

    It’s like chain migration.

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