ARC Live Streaming site ?

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  • sparrowdown

    How the f*** do you listen to this shit without losing your shit!

  • finallysomepride

    WTF! Idiots on parade for the world to see

  • burnedout

    O'Brien didn't know what the word 'pastoral' means! The commissioner laughed then had to draw a little word picture for him...

  • jwfacts

    I spoke to Angus. He confirmed that he was fully aware that a lot of what was said is untrue.

  • finallysomepride

    on the subject of advising all the members, it will probably be in the form of a letter on the notice board, covered over by a 'more important' announcement

  • steve2

    The device you use may determine whether you get video or not. My tablet plays only audio but my iPhone plays video and audio.

    Spinks and O'Brien could not answer the question, Why is it necessary to shun an individual who disassociates from the organization. Even when this question was recast several different ways, these drones simply said a variation on, people who disassociate know the consequences. Of course, the simple fact is, there is no Scriptural justification for shunning those who disassociate themselves - it is a policy introduced after Ray Franz left. It enables the GB to control who members have access to, regardless of whether those who disassociate have done anything wrong.

    Spinks and O'brien also insisted that those who become inactive are not forced to disassociate. Untold numbers of inactive ones know differently , especially after elders come sniffing around trying to get the dirt on them.

  • steve2

    In what ever form Australian JWs are informed about the organization's responses to allegations of sexual abuse, I will bet it is not through the website.

  • Splash

    If they removed the rule on shunning disassociated ones, within a week their membership would plummet.

    It was interesting to hear that they are planning on reissuing a new elders book because of all the changes they have to make. Seems Satan's organisation is running ahead of God's organisation when it comes to kindness, justice, mercy and compassion.

    Also that they are working on a letter for handling abuse cases in the UK. Maybe this is why they cut the wt and awake magazines down by 75%, for all the child abuse documents they now need to print.

  • skin

    "Why is it necessary to shun an individual who disassociates from the organization."

    What a good question. I had never thought of that.

    Answer from the Bible please!

  • jwfacts

    I just spoke to a person representing the Uniting Church who are up next. They sat through the Watchtower session. He said he was gobbsmacked by the responses.

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