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  • Gayle

    What is the exact Live streaming site for the ARC today in Sydney? I hope someone or more here will be watching and giving info/quips throughout the case. Also, will someone here or elsewhere be able to 'save' a video of this (all or part). (To start at about 3 pm. Mountain Time, I believe). Time zones are confusing, tomorrow to us is today in Australia?

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    The hearing starts at 10am in Australia (AEDT), 3pm PST, 6pm EST, 12am CET. It will be streamed on the ARC website: (30 minutes before the event a video player will show up on their main page).

    You're welcome to join our ExJW Chat to comment on it live -

    And yes, several folks will be recording this, myself included.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Thank you WTS Archive for the link...much appreciated!

  • AndersonsInfo

    This is the link I was given to access the ARC hearing today, Thursday, in the US:,-march-2017,-Sydney

    30 minutes before the event a video player will show up on the screen.

    I live in Tennessee in the Central Time Zone so I'll view the event at 5 PM this afternoon (Thursday, March 9th), which in Sydney, Australia it will be 17 hours later, Friday, March 10th at 10 AM.

    Where it's EST, the hearing will be viewed at 6 PM today.

    That's all I know but if I'm wrong, please correct me.


  • iwasblind

    I will be there with bells on - signed up for the chat too - can't wait

    What channel in the chat will be used

  • stuckinarut2

    I hope to be in attendance at the event

  • nonjwspouse

    Thanks for the chat link WTS archive! That is awesome.

    Barbara, I'm just down the road from you,(Ok about an hour and a half ) but 20 minutes in the EST. Frustrating!

    I just saw this, a twitter feed for the hearing

    "Witness list for public hearings into Jehovah’s Witnesses and Uniting Church now available",

  • fastJehu
  • fastJehu
  • Pants of Righteousness
    Pants of Righteousness
    Angus Stewart in opening address refers to 'considerable regret' that no member of the GB has made themselves available for this hearing.

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