ARC Live Streaming site ?

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    WT reps lied, mumbled, stalled and stumbled.

    But the bottom line is that they haven't implemented what the ARC asked them to do nearly 2 years ago. And they're not going to. They never were. At best they will publish some letters and WT articles that SAYS they'll report to the police.

    So what is going to HAPPEN? What can the ARC actually do? Can they actually do anything to force WT to change? Or can they sanction if they don't.

    I have a very uneasy feeling.

  • Splash

    I think someone needs to re-watch this and bullet point all the lies told.

  • cofty

    Is there anywhere it can be watched if you can't see it live?

  • Ruby456

    yes this is what I'm looking for too particularly as our very own charity commission has been paying attention to the ARC. I want to analyse the two approaches to see which has more clout.

  • cofty

    I found a YouTube video with good audio here.


  • Ruby456

    Thanks cofty

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Wow, can't believe I missed this thread.

    Everyone's made lots of interesting comments.

    I gotta watch this ...

  • Splash

    I'd also like to see a bulletted list of all the things Spinks said he appreciated being pointed out, will take onboard, take note of, make sure to add etc.

    Essentially this would be a list of all the areas even their latest (2 day old) policy document fails to be sufficient.

  • redpilltwice

    Watching Cofty´s link. Wow, must have been a rough year for O´brien, he looks so unhappy and sick of it all!

    36:05 already one of Spinks´ moments that really made me cringe and I haven´t finished watching yet.

    Looking forward to the complete bullsh&t list of lies and half truths.

  • Phizzy

    It strikes me that the JW's have craftily sent two guys who can say" I'm not a Lawyer" to avoid offering an opinion on a number of points.

    It is also striking that The Commission seems to be writing their Policy Document for them, as it is woefully inadequate, the JW guys excuse this because they have got it out quick for the Commission to see, though they have had many months to prepare it.

    Mr Stuart asks three times why they do not plainly say in the Policy Document that any allegation of Abuse should be reported immediately to the Police and appropriate Authorities "as other organizations already do in their Policy Docs" (I paraphrase).

    They do not answer directly, if at all.

    The "two witness Rule" is to stand the JW's affirm.

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