David Splane on the "older members" of the GB

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  • prologos

    David Splane was always full of Ideas, and he might not be an exception to that personality trait, doing their private reading they will have all kinds of "Aha" moments and even indulge in using it in talks (David did before he became knighted) but making any of these brainwaves official, is serious stuff, for little mistakes have a way to become big problems with time. example: During David's watch they switched from the wicked generation to the anointed generation, but they did not follow the analysis he mentioned. They teach now that the generation will pass away, the bible says it will not pass away. If the bible would be absolute truth, foolproof doctrine could be devised, but since it is demonstrably not, what do you have left from foolproof if you take the proof away?

  • smiddy

    Splanes talk speaks volumes to me. Their is no Holy Spirit ,Jehovah`s direction , or any input from the King Of Kings , Jesus Christ in any of their new light revelations .

    And has not ever been for the past 140 years.

    What he is saying is that a bunch of guys get together , using there own brain to rationalise the scriptures to fit their failed past directions/explanations where the scriptures should lead us , to the new interpretation of those same scriptures making sure that they don`t conflict with our previous directions /explanations of those scriptures we made.

    Holy Spirit , Divine revelations ,Angelic direction , has nothing at all to do with New Light announcements .

    They are no different from any other Organised Religion Christian or otherwise .

  • steve2

    Take away the special claims about being God's exclusive modern-day channel of communication, and this could be any older male Bible student anywhere on earth talking casually about loving discussing Scripture with his friends. But we know this is not anyone, the same way we know the Pope is not just anyone. We hear this as an authority speaking in a way that must be obeyed. Don't mince words, Brother.

    I too thought it odd hearing the reference to the domino effect. WTF! If Jehovah's spirit is present and directing them, where's the problem with making sure everything "fits"? This type of response only makes sense if you are doing all these adjustments privately, among yourselves and not demanding adherence from your group. In other words, guessing. Ouch. Not much authority in that.

    Yes, Slane reflects a human leadership sensitized to disgruntlement among the rank and file, most likely the older publishers who have had to endure one too many adjustments as they've got older and older in a world that was foretold to end decades ago. Too much change leads to doubt over what's causing it: Jehovah or men?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The stupidity is the belief of the GB that truth can be "progressive", progressive like Barr and Jaracz were. For goodness sake you idiots, truth doesn't change! It is only cult rhetoric which moves forward to ensnare the gullible when the old doctrines are no longer credible.

    I also hear a wistful sigh, "I wish Barr or Jaracz were here to guide us."

  • slimboyfat
    I think its funny to have to mention that the "Faithful Slave' liked to - you know - read the bible and discuss it and like it.
    Does he think that the R&F dont think they GB reads it?
    Like Mickey Mantle saying - you know I just like hitting playing baseball.

    He may have in mind Raymond Franz's book Crisis of Conscience which states that while he was on the Governing Body the Bible was rarely referred to during discussions, which focused heavily on technical aspects of policy and discipline in the congregations.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I second what Smiddy says. Their 'new lite' is all just corporate bull sh*t. But man did we eat it up! Thank god for ttatt!

    just saying!

  • sir82

    Yes, very defensive. He was reacting to something.

    Since when has the GB ever felt the need to justify or defend any of their actions or changes of mind? I can't think of any such occasions previous to this.

    To do so on such a public forum, able to be seen by all 8 million+ JWs, is highly unusual.

    Side point: Don't you just love this? It's like the USSR in the 1970s. You have to piece together what's really going on by who is standing where, what is said & not said & why it may or may not have been said, and to whom, etc.

  • Irish Dame
    Irish Dame

    The clarification on one scripture can have ramifications on other prophecies, so we have to be absolutely sure that everything fits.

    So, he's saying they are "prophets"...?????

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Agreed Sir 82.

    Yes Irish Dame, it's like a forever morphing jigsaw puzzle and the GB see it is their role to make it all fit. Divine inspiration be blowed!

    And another thing, if Jaracz and Barr are up there serving in heaven, why is there no helping hand from them for their floundering comrades in Brooklyn?

    What silly, childish stories they tell people...............

  • pixel

    I think that by him mentioning "The old guys from the GB", he is trying to stop the line of thinking of many JWs that all this new recent changes were put in motion when the old guys died.

    So, they want people to stop thinking that the old guys were blocking anything, hence that is why he portrays them as "progressives".

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