In a trance

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  • Finkelstein

    Getting baptize at that age isn't Biblicaly supported either

    But the corrupt power hungry WTS. leaders go beyond what is written many times when it particularly serves their own will, agenda and purpose.

    Did have a temper tantrum in the food market ?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Forgot to mention. Jesus was 30ish when he was baptized. Something the Borg often conveniently omits, probably on purpose.

    Ant. Morris made mention of teenager, mid teens old enough get driver's license. But then why isn't he baptized. Parents should be encouraged to revoke the drivers license until he gets baptized. Highly manipulating in it's finest form.

  • ttdtt

    This is BS - he is making this all up.

    Dont feed the troll.

  • eyeuse2badub


    I agree.I'm calling BS on this post!

    just saying!

  • steve2

    ttdt, how is bola a troll? Where’s your evidence?

  • Giordano

    TTDT when you first mentioned your concern about his being a troll I read through his year long posts. Have you reviewed his post history? It's consistent all the way through. He's participated and asked for nothing in return other then one time he wanted to know how to build a web site.

    He has expressed appreciation for our understanding and practical suggestions. I didn't read anything that set off alarm bells. If anything I think his first language is not English....... though his English is very good.

    His thought process has him reviewing some of his history. If he repeats himself I have to wonder if he feels that he didn't explain himself well enough.

    I also think his culture and traditions (India? )might be centered around family headship and family respect which may be difficult for him to break away from.....more so even then the JW world.

    Or It may be financially impossible to leave his family and finish his higher education.

    He seems to be honest about his negative feelings about the JW.......... to the point where has joined his father in exile. He could have just faded but he DA himself by a formal letter. That's throwing red meat to the Elders.

    Now this has turned out to be a bit of a mystery which is why we have not come up with a consensus. We are missing a couple of parts to his story.

    A lot of us are not doubting you Bola we just need to understand why and what you are facing.

  • caves

    I have no idea if its trolling or made up.(gut feeling...not a troll, shy I think) I am.But I may be projecting. I doubt it.

    But I will share some of my experience that matches his and the reason for me personally I am hesitant about spreading it online for all to see.

    I was reproved at 11, almost 12.

    Baptized a few days after I turned 11.

    Molested from 4-10 1/2 years old by MS grandfather. Who blamed me for wearing my underwear in a sexy way. Yep, my funky ole 'fruit of the loom'. Nothing like being in a room of three elders asking me the most inappropriate questions ever! They did NOT want to hear how I had been groomed. Just the pornographic details. I never understood why I had to pay that price. And never will. / He also molested his daughter the same age as me at the same time period. Grandmother had a very late child. Anyway nothing happened to her his daughter.

    There is ALOT more to the story ,but 2 things about being hesitant to open and share. At early 20 something I read CoC and I was so traumatized by EVERYTHING if this site was around then I would not have been able to share my story. No way. To fast, to embarrassing and some of us have to work out a great deal of cult indoctrinated paranoia. Not only that but sometimes stigmatized by exjws if they had a decent upbringing except learning TTATT, and "waking up" based on those facts and not being Jolted awake and slammed on the floor with the ground then ripped away and free floating. With NO ONE.

    The second thing is if Im going into the nitty gritty details that will fully make everything connect and be crystal clear with all the details, that will take awhile. If you demand I do then I demand you give me money for my horrible story that Im the one that gets to sit there with all the emotional mess and emotional clean up whilst others sit and read it or listen.

    Frankly I would have disappeared after I posted something like the OP did and was scared and got the validity of my story questioned straight out the gate. In fact its a little triggering to type this due to that fact.

    After being invalidated at such a young age, learning TTATT then go online for support and get the "are you for real , treatment would send me away."

    Also what if OP does not have constant internet access. So many variable and things to consider.

    At the end of it, I hope Bola is well. I hope he comes to terms with what looks like to me to be fear and confusion. I know a thing or two about that when it comes to this seemly more common story than I ever wanted to know.

    @bola if your reading, we just wanted to understand more. Thats really all it was. Take your time. Go at your own pace. You dont have to answer anything you dont feel comfortable with.

    To others here from me- I joined an ex jwsite ten years ago(cant even remember the name of it and I was horrible at computers) and was run off (by accident) in near the exact same manner. It scared me back then so I never went back.

    I wish I would have stayed. Maybe my life would be further along. Whos to say.

    Also Love for family will make people do strange desperate things.

    Pardon my soap box.

    just trying to help someone maybe.

  • caves

    Sorry to comment straight away but I just noticed the title again "In a trance". Thats a heavy telling statement of where Bola is mentally with an equally heavy topic. Just saying.

    Ive been there.

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