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  • Esmeralda001
    I decided to put an end to my affiliation with the JWs for good. This decision is not the result of an irrational impulse. It is quite the contrary. I could have (and should have) left earlier, but didn't because I was still observing. Now that I have enough data to draw a solid conclusion, I can leave with no guilt.

    Update on the past weeks:
    I had found a way to be at peace despite my bullies many attacks. I shunned completely (no interactions, not even a glance) the people who were showing hostility towards me in one way or another. This includes the Presiding elder's family and two bitter middle aged single sisters (very good friends with the Presiding elder's wife). At that point everything was doing fine. I even starting to fit in (even though this was not what I was aiming). But then It had been brought to my attention that my attitude towards the sisters mentioned above needed to be corrected. I simply disregarded the conceal and continued to shun the authors of the complaint . So I continued to greet the people who were nice to me and snubbed the ones who marked me.

    The last attack:
    One last bullet had been trown at my face. It was my shunners final attack, and it was directed by the presiding elderette. She managed to put (not all, but most of) the sisters against me. The sisters who had nothing against me initially suddenly became very distance with me. Don't ask me what she told them. I don't have a clue. Dispite my disappointment, I went with the flow and respected the sisters wish to minimize interaction with me. It didn't bothered me too much because I had one friend left (let's call her Maria). Beside she was only three years yonger than me. I felt like MAria was the only one I could relate to in my congregation because she was young and unbaptized. I went along very well with her, and her parents ,who are rather liberal, seemed to appreciate me very well. At the end of each meeting, Maria and I would spent at least 30 min cheat-chatting. The fact that I had a friend with Who I could hang-out with must had bothered the presiding elderette very much because she had found a way to put an end to my friendship with Maria. One particular day I caught her staring at me while I was laughing at Maria's joke. I didn't know for how long she had be staring. All I could see was the anger in her eyes!! If a glare could kill, I would not be able to tell my story today. At that very moment I knew something was going to happen. The next meeting Maria didn't hangout with me at the biggening/end of the meeting. She stopped doing so ever since. I don't resent her for that though. Somebody must had told her mother something about me. Maria's parents would still be nice with me, they just wouldn't let their daughter hanging out with me. That final attack hurt, but I decided to keep searching for something godly in this congregation. I attended a few more meetings, and then decided to leave. In the middle of the song, I went to the restroom, tough to myself that this environment was unhealthy, went back to the hall, packed my stuff, told my study conductor that I had an emergency, and left for Good.

    I'm done with this! For the bible studies who read this post, your experience with the jws, unlike mine, can be a good one if you are friends with the good people. I wish you good luck on your journey. XoX.

  • Wild_Thing

    I hope you leave and don't look back. But if your experience is like others, this is far from over. They will end up at your door (probably the elders) and they will give you some line about how you shouldn't let humans stumble you and keep you from serving Jehober ... blah blah blah. Just prepare yourself for them to lay on the guilt.

    The way the JWs treat each other is only one of the reasons I left. There are many, many more reasons to stay away.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Good for you, we're proud of you. Nobody should be subjected to such treatment in the name of "love".
  • Esmeralda001
    My father is anti-jws. the "brothers" and "sisters" know better than to knock on my door! Trust me.
  • stuckinarut2

    stay strong!

    Keep your dignity and composure. Don't get stressed or react in a harsh way to them, or it will just play into their hands and make them think you are the unbalanced "wicked" one.

    "The best revenge is to live a happy and successful life"

  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't know more than I read here, Esmeralda001. But BRAVO to you. Get the hell out of there. You don't need all that negative and drama.

    Enjoy your life. It sounds like you are young and have so much better you can do with your time.

  • John Free
    John Free
    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is a sad story that unfortunately isn't an isolated one. JWs like to say that they operate as idividuals with freedom of conscience, but that is false. They are conditioned to adabt to a strict, high control, rule based system of behaviour. bible students whom fail to modify to the JW model are rejected. May I recommend Steve hassans book 'combatting cult mind control'- this books author well describes how the JW organisation operates on new recruits even though he has never had any experience in dealing with the jws himself. He does so by describing how other control groups work and its the pattern that is unmistakable. Regards.
  • ToesUp


    Glad you made that decision. The best advice on how to deal with crazy people is to .....RUN LIKE HELL!

    Move on,it's the best decision you could make in your lifetime.

    Sorry that they hurt you.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Good for you Esmeralda,

    Here is another great link for Bible research. I'm progressing well myself as well as I asked to be officially DA'ed earlier last week. Remember JW's do not have the monopoly on God, his Son nor the Bible.

    Jesus was all about freedom and non conformity, this is what I find the most appealing about God's dear son.

    Sorry about your friend at the hall, JW's excel at situations like these. All about fitting in and conforming to their rules.



  • sparrowdown
    It's not possible to have a healthy relationship with an indoctrinated person.

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