JW.org coronavirus response - The Four Horsemen

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  • Badfish

    Have you guys seen jw.org today? The main article is entitled “The Four Horsemen of Revelation.”

    Looks like the Pale Rider has arrived....

  • smiddy3

    They just keep pulling scriptures out of their arse to fit in with whats taking place in the world today .

    They conveniently forget about the prophecy`s / scriptures they have been saying over and over in what order these events were to occur .?

    And they have been doing this for the past 100 years , 1914 ,1918, then 1925 , 1939-1945 , 1975 which was the second attempt to place the end of 6,000 years of human history .The first time was in one of the earlier publications.

    The end was to take place within the generation that saw and understood the events of 1914 ,and when that didn`t happen lo and behold they had a revelation ,that it was an overlapping generation ? where is that in scripture ?

    Lets not forget they also said the big "A" and paradise would take place before the end of the 20th Century ?

    That didn`t happen either !

    Maybe JW`s do not realise we are in the 21st Century by 20 years .

    They may very well ask how do I explain the Conaravirus 19 ? that has gripped the world now ?

    Just as you could explain away the Spanish flu Pandemic a Century ago in the 1920`s. and other life threatening diseases that have taken place since then .

    And don`t forget all of the other plagues that have gripped mankind over the past centuries.

  • Gorbatchov

    Many jw's are in Armagedon mode now. See a lot of messages on social about UN taking over.

    This is what they are waiting for.

    They don't know better.

    Jw.org is stirring it all up.

    Not good and not wise for the global imago.


  • smiddy3

    The average JW doesn`t know or even care about what the GB have ever said about prophecy ,all they ever see is a disaster ,crisis ,pandemic or whatever ,and they think "this is it" G.T./ the big "A"

    And when nothing happens wait for the next crisis that I can put my hopes on ?

    I know I was gullible at 19 ,however I was never that dumb to do what they are doing now ?

    Its mind boggling.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Other like youngthug follow the example

    Why not :

    No rain ... no heavenly assistance at Australian commision Gods sign are the bushfires

    Locusts ... russia eating up spiritual food of the GB further evidence are the locusts plagues n Africa and Asia

    Epidemy ... symbol for spiritual hunger of Jws

    If Governing Body repents JW will be prosperous again and sit in the Temple like Salomo

    = isnt that food at Proper time?

  • punkofnice

    How lovely for them. They're able to shoehorn into real life the insane rantings from a dangerous old book of fairy tales and lies.

    It's a pity the so called 'prophecy(tm)' is so vague, you could apply it to stubbing your toe on the bedpost.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The JW org supports omens, superstitions, lies and failed prophecies.

    The failure of Jesus' words regarding the coming of the Kingdom in the first century needed another dose of mad prophecy to keep the faithful bouyed up. This was the deranged apocalypse of Revelation, full of astrology and Freudian symbolism. It was a vision from Patmos into the imagined heavens of the time, written to tell the faithfull what was going to happen in the immediate future regarding the Christian church. Rev1;1

    Like Jesus' words, It too didn't happen!

    So along with many other hopefuls throughout history and still convinced of the great delusion of "God's Kingdom" and the prophetic value of the Bible, the Second Adventists and their offspring Jehovah's Witnesses still look to the heavens for a fulfillment. What a waste of effort, a waste of time and a waste of human lives?

    Finding vaccines for deadly viruses is a more honourable pursuit for which you need proper learning and evidence for what you are dealing with -- not old wives tales as found in the Bible.

  • eyeuse2badub

    It must really please the 'loving god' jehober to see all the turmoil and panic among his earthly children just so jw's can have something to write about!

    just saying!

  • caves

    It must really please the 'loving god' jehober to see all the turmoil and panic among his earthly children just so jw's can have something to write about!

    I keep noticing that they(GB) never say great tribulation has begun. They dance all around it. Unless that has just changed?

    How could someone worship a god that creates "children" and then punishes them for "crimes" they never committed. What a and sick twisted god/father that would be.

  • millie210

    JWs remind me of that saying that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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