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  • Incognito
    She only goes with them a few times a year. But I am prepared to stop it if I hear anything alarming. - Dano

    Dano, you appear to consider child abuse is the only issue we are warning you about. Although child sexual abuse is a major concern which you need to be aware of, many of the warnings given regard the teachings and indoctrination methods used by JWs. Do not consider attending JW meetings to be harmless or similar to casually attending a 1-hour Sunday service in a mainstream church.

    JWs will not discuss the negative aspects or problems in the religion and will lie or deny being aware to protect the interests and reputation of the religion and the parent Watchtower organization.

    Many JWs are not even aware of many issues as they are warned to not watch news stories or read negative reports as those are claimed to be lies and half-truths created by 'apostates' (ex-JWs) who are bitter and 'mentally diseased'.

    Most of us who are regular participants on this forum are former JWs who have come to realize and accept the religion is actually a dangerous cult. Many have no hesitation discussing the negative and positive aspects of the religion, and attempt to inform anyone that is interested or exposed to the religion as to the teachings and indoctrination methods utilized. The person can then consider both sides to make an informed decision if they wish to continue involvement with the religion.

    You said you and your wife do not wish to be religious and do not want even 1 of your children to become a JW. As such, why are you allowing anyone to take your vulnerable children to any religious service, JW or other? What do you consider is the purpose, benefit or expected outcome in allowing your children to attend JW meetings, even if 'only' a few times each year?

    While your co-worker and her family may be very kind, generous and loving, their religious beliefs are their own. Remaining friends should not be based on a condition that your children must attend their religious services or be taught their beliefs.

    As JWs are required to preach and teach in between meetings, it is likely that your children have been provided with their own JW books or watch JW videos which are reviewed and discussed when they visit.

  • EverApostate

    NO. NO and a BIG NO. Dont allow the kids with JWs. JWs are programmed like Robots to brainwash people and pull them into the cult. Even if its a kid, they wont bother. All they have in mind is to recruit people for the cult and they would do anything for that

    Eventually your kids may turn against you when they decide to join the cult

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, wouldn’t that be ironic?..They would indeed turn against him if they joined the cult.

    And HERE we tried to warn him..after he asked for our advice and didn’t heed it. Oh well..too bad.

  • EverApostate

    LongHairGal of course, it would be heart breaking to see our children abandon us when they join a cult.

    Had seen this on the news in India, where both the daughters of a family joined a hindu cult, shaved their heads and began to serve the cult leader in the Ashram.

    The Parents filed a case to rescue the daughters but the law could not do anything as it finally came down that the daughters were adults and joined the cult in their own free will.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Everyone is different. Some children and adults, won't be bothered/influenced by just going to a few meetings. However, there are instances that can affect children very deeply and you won't know about it.

    From my own experiences growing up in this religion, I accepted what was said from the platform because I was told lying was bad, lying about God was punishable by everlasting death. So of course, things said at the hall, were going to be true otherwise they would suffer eternal death.

    We had books that showed death and violence to those that didn't serve God. Peer pressure. Constant encouragement to not live life now but wait till God makes things right on earth.

    One of the saddest videos that they have put out recently, shows a young child being offered a chance to expand his abilities to play the violin with other "worldly" children. His father continually pressures him to not do it till in the end, the child turns his back on the opportunity. Just so he can spend more time with god. Almost everyone that has grown up in this religion, lost out on their true creative abilities because of the Watchtower strongly discouraging doing anything other than going to meetings, go out in service, study the bible.

    You can skip to 6:07 or so if you just want to see the clip. (thanks to berrygerry for posting it here)

    My nieces were visited by their grandparents a few years ago. Their mother had been "disassociated" before they were born and she was shunned by her parents. So when they came to visit, they took them someplace fun but then showed them the video that has been posted here of the boy with the "magic" toy. When they came back, they went in their room and began to cry. Why? Because they were going to have to throw away their toys they loved that were "magical" or suffer God's wrath. One video. One time.

    So I would say if you want to take the chance to let them have alone time with her, take her to meetings, I would have a discussion about how you would like to hear about what she did with them. What did the meetings talk about, how did she feel about those subjects. And I would do it every time she went. Children are sponges as they say.

  • Steel

    This friendship you have is only possible because you state you have no religion. You and your family are viewed as possible converts. A JW would not have a friendship with a person of faith. Nothing a JW hates more is a Christian of another church.

    The real fucked up part is as a JW you are required in hand in a time card for your witnesses hours each month. If you hang with this family for let’s say 3 hours and they once mention something from the bible once it’s like they had a three hour bible study with you. That is how they will see it. What is even more messed up there is mostly a file on you to see how you are progressing . Don’t be surprised if one day they don’t talk to you again. They will be under orders from the elders you are a lost cause .

    Think in full of shit. Ask them about the time cards.

    Dude you are nothing but a mark.

  • smiddy3

    Dano3456 ,you have been warned by many people here who have have had years of experience ,no , decades of experience being JW`s themselves , myself included ,,we know what we are talking about .

    Disregard these warnings at your own and your family`s peril .

  • Dano3456

    Thanks for everyone and their advice. We just told them that our kids are starting to ask religious questions and that we will handle it in our own way. We told them we think it is best they don't go to the meetings. They seemed to take okay and asked us if we would like to pick them at 9:30 before the meeting. We said what we had to say and everything seems fine.

  • JimmyYoung

    Of course they want to convert your kids Jeezzzzzz. First off they are not your friends. You are potential converts. Cut them off now and don't look back or you will potentially have issues. As kids grow up they become rebellious and if you tell them as teens not to have anything to do with them the cult will tell them you are part of Satan's world and they don't need to listen to you. You will live to regret it if you don't cut them off now.

  • JimmyYoung

    How can people be so obtuse to this cult? Why on earth would you play with a copperhead and think you can not get bit?

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