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  • Incognito

    With regard to child sexual abuse, the JW religion does have a major problem.

    Obviously, not all JWs are abusers, but because JWs are taught they can trust other JWs with their life and that the worst JW is better than the best 'worldly' person, JWs such as your neighbors, will often trust other JWs they only just met. Because of these trusting attitudes, children too frequently become victims of abuse because they attended the kingdom hall washroom unsupervised or they were permitted to accompany another adult JW alone in service (door knocking), or permitted to sleep over with friends at another JW's home. Often, abuse is not known until years or decades after it took place.

  • Fadeaway1962

    Dano3456 you have known these people for 6 years and the subject of the kids birthdays , Christmas Thanksgiving etc have never been come up for discussion , have there kids every been to your kids birthdays as JWs never do birthdays as they view them as pagen.

  • Giordano

    Lets say they take being a 'good neighbor' seriously. However there are some things that could impact the lives of your children. Unfortunately when it comes to being a JW obedience is equal to faith. Since the faith is distorted their obedience can prove harmful.

    One belief that is held by a JW is that God, Jesus, the angles will visit Armageddon on this world and cause billions of people to be destroyed. Men, women and children. The people who are going to die are people who never knew the JW's existed. Or they turned them away if they knocked on their door.

    What they do with billions of dead people has never been explained.

    JW's overlook this and focus on a paradise earth not the dead.

    A normal person doesn't die for want of a blood transfusion. But a JW will. If they need one to save their life they must refuse. It is mandated that they carry what I call a 'suicide note' also known as the NO BLOOD card with them. It is a statement of fact that they refuse a blood transfusion no matter what.

    If your away and they are watching your children and they are in a car wreck or a child is hit by a car or falls off their bike can you be reassured these neighbors will allow for a life saving blood transfusion? Be assured they will not consent and if time is of the essence and you can not be reached............

    The JW's have evolved a belief that confuses eating blood with a transfusion. A transfusion is not eating. It's a transplant. Unfortunately this practice of denying a transfusion has caused the deaths of thousands of JW's each and every year. It's Jonestown every year since 1945.

    My wife and I lost my sister and my wife's mother because they would not allow a transfusion and there was no way to save them at the Hospital.

    You have learned that the JW's have a pedophile problem. That problem is amplified because they maintain that the 'Two witness rule' needs to be used. It's pretty rare that a pedophile will molest a child in front of another adult. However the child sexual abuse can go on for years. The Elders try to did keep this situation private.

    During the recent 2015 ARC ( Australian Royal Commission) an investigation of child sexual abuse in religions was commissioned. They started with the Catholic Church and then moved on to the JW's.

    They found, under sworn oath, that there were records of 1006 JW cases of CSA and 1800 total victims and not a single case was reported to the police.

    On this forum questions can and should be asked.

    Dano you got some thinking to do.

  • blubberyk9

    Just a note here...I agree with the comments above. However, even if you should have a heart to heart talk with these people, you must understand they think nothing of violating any religious preference you may instruct them about. e.g. "Please don't take my kids to meetings or read your literature to them." They would consider that God does require them to do so and they must obey God, not the children's parents. This also shows up when a JW has enough and quits, thus becoming an ex-JW. The JW's will attempt to show up for the children of the ex-JW, especially if said children were baptized. This is NOT OK.

    I would also recommend talking to your children about why it is not OK for them to go to meetings and not OK to listen to the religious propaganda. But if the children are exposed to this indoctrination anyway, they may be encouraged to lie about it. And the JW's will further encourage them as your disapproval will be looked at as persecution (i.e. support that they are the "true religion.")

  • LongHairGal


    So, you say “honestly guys, these people are like family to us”🙄.

    You came on the forum, told your story and asked for advice. People answered you honestly but you rejected it because you have become close with these JWs, attending weddings, etc.

    Sounds like there is NO helping you because you are entangled in friendship. However, your original post says you are fearful they want to turn you all into JWs. They DO..You cannot have it both ways with them.

    Sounds like they are practically raising your kids..Listen, do what you want but everybody on here has told you the truth about the religion..You don’t want to hear it? Fine. Either take the advice or let things continue as they are - and good luck.

  • betterdaze
    If I suspect anything dangerous then I will stop it.

    It is dangerous by design: Watchtower actually has a scrubbed-up "public" edition for proselytizing and an internal "study" edition they use at the meetings with threatening Armageddon horror stories.

    Click this topic on Watchtower's Armageddon illustrations to get an idea of how your children will be terrorized into "serving Jehovah."

    See all those people dying or about to die? That's you and your wife and your extended families, neighbors, co-workers, anyone including children who doesn't serve Jehovah. In six years, how come your "friends" never told you this? Because you'd think they were batshit crazy and keep your precious children away.

    Sending children to the Kingdom Hall is like feeding them into the bloody maw of a giant sausage making machine. Ground minds and shredded lives come out the other end. Have your "friends" told you about the many suicides, wrecked marriages, alienated relatives, stunted schooling, alcohol dependence and/or PTSD yet? Why not? It's all Satan's fault, you know. Besides, Jehovah will fix everything after Armageddon.

    Please be warned: Once your children are old enough to understand the emotional abuse they were exposed to, they may never forgive you. It can take years to address the phobias these "friends" will have implanted in their delicate little brains.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Just remember that your good friends, who are decent people and are "like family", are unfortunately in a toxic cult.

    Why not learn from the internet why the JW cult is dangerous? perhaps you could show your friends why they are going down the wrong path? As it happens JWs smugly believe that they are the only people on earth who are pleasing God and if you try to dissuade them from their beliefs they will immediately resist and try very hard to convince you that their beliefs are the only true ones because they think they are "Bible based". It's almost a hopeless task to talk sense to JWs but for the sake of your children keep a distance from now on.

    Anyone who tangles with the JW cult is going to bring upon themselves enormous problems at some time in the future.

    Usually this means having children or parents who will not talk to you if you don't adopt their religion. Many of us on this site are suffering often years down the line because the JW organisation alienates members within families. Shunning members within the family is just one of the heartless tools of cult control -- for your own peace of mind and love for your nearest and dearest, have nothing to do with Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • punkofnice

    When I decided the watchtower cult wasn't for me, my JW wife left me and has connived to marry another JW.

    Do not be under illusion, The JWs shun their own family for refusing to be JWs. Their own family!!

    Either you are trolling us, or you do not believe the gravity of your situation.

    Do what you will, but please do not insult our intelligence by saying you need help and then denying it.

  • betterdaze

    I don't care if the OP is trolling. It's important to demonstrate to sincere parents and searchers what children are exposed to in this criminal cult.

    Look at this connect-the-dots activity. It's Lot's wife being destroyed by Jehovah. Fun stuff, huh?

    Lot's wife is the disobedient villain. Lot is the obedient hero. After offering his daughters to a mob for gang rape, he has intercourse with them himself. Jehovah doesn't bat an eyelash. This normalizes incest to young children.

    You never know when one of the men on the Kingdom Hall platform will relate this story to your kids. And it's not just a story: It's historic fact that absolutely must be believed to the point of expulsion from the congregation. They will also talk about masturbation, prostitutes and homosexuality with no regard for tender years. You okay with that?

    Now meet Caleb. He's guilty of having "worldly" friends at school who gave him a make-believe toy.

    Do not be shocked to find toys you lovingly gave your children chucked in the trash, especially birthday gifts, as they are forbidden. No more Disney, no Harry Potter, and just forget about Christmas, Easter and Halloween, even the 4th of July. All bad, all the time.

    Dano3456, it's not just the adults. The other kids at the Kingdom Hall, especially the nasty-ass elders' kids, will bully them into compliance. I was onced asked by a girl my age: What do you want to be when you grow up? It was a trick question. I answered archeologist but really any profession was the wrong answer. The only acceptable answer was full-time pioneer married to a Bethelite. She bullied me all summer long over that "selfish" answer.

    Witness kids are not allowed to have dreams and ambitions, a future of their own choosing. That would "make Jehovah sad."

  • Dano3456

    I am certainly not dismissing anything being said here. It's a lot to process. They buy our kids toys and one of the daughters in the family loves Disney movies. The other daughter listens to K-pop (Korean pop music) they are a pretty normal family, they watch football, they went to circus with us etc. The father has even had an organ transplant. I am sure that all the things you guys are saying have happened and is still happening. I just need to figure this out and I appreciate all the advice.

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