Did You Go To Meetings in Very Inclement Weather?

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  • Sunworshipper805

    In the 70's and 80's meetings were almost never cancelled. It was the North West, very rough winters. There was this horrible Elder ( he raped his own daughters we found out) he was always ready to filling for a brother that couldn't make it. Terrible speaker, always bragged he could give a public talk with no notice.

    Also, some years our circuit Assembly was in the middle of winter and on the far side of a mountain pass. Icy roads all the way. I thought don't they even bother to look at a map when they plan these things?

  • Sunworshipper805

    Then there was field service in below freezing weather with babies and toddlers.

    Man I hated it.

  • tiki

    New England....yes...some elders were really crazy and didn't want to cancel...others were more sane and for it.....I think from the 60's up till I was virtually out in the 90's the trend to cancel increased.

    I remember one memorial when there was a northeaster...of course the show went on. That was probably in the 70's. But memorial is do or die.

    And right now in ne it is brutal out there.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    I live in New England and agree that the trend was an increase in cancellations due to inclement weather from pre-1975 (unheard of) to 2011 (routine) when I left.

    As a "sister with an unbelieving mate" and two children I raised in The Lie, I leaned toward caution about driving at night in bad weather, but I was a fruitcake and went out in service on holidays and during snowstorms!

    I pioneered in seldom-worked territory in the Midwest, USA in the mid-70's, and don't ever remember a cancelled meeting or field service. My pioneer partner got frostbite, and I landed in the hospital for 11 days with pneumonia. Thankfully, that put an end to my FT pioneer career until after my kids were grown.

    I won't be venturing out now until the temps rise above freezing. I don't care if it takes 'til Spriing! Oh, and I rarely go out at night alone. I abhor it!

  • Done

    My old hall almost never cancelled meetings. On the very rare occasion they called it off, they would reschedule for another night and then get mad at you if you had a part and couldn't show due to working.

    I remember after the hurricane hit in Louisiana we had an assembly part where the co or do said "if the government issues a weather related warning, we need to listen and follow their instructions, not risking our lives by ignoring it". Very next winter we hit a bad snow storm coming in. National weather service issued a warning, stay off the roads unless emergency. Meeting wasn't cancelled because it means our life to gather together to worship. I didn't go that night

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