Boredom at the Kingdom Hall meetings

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    Finkelstein said:
    The Watchtower Publishing house was founded by amateur bible theologians who were more endeavored to sell and promote their literature than anything else.

    The Ministry School was the worst.Listening to demonstrations on how to place books and magazines week after week became unbearable.It was no better than an Amway,Mary Kay Cosmetics and Avon sales meeting.I figured that the WTBTS were just a literature corporation when they promoted the 180 page books that were dated and collecting dust in a warehouse.

  • pepperheart
    oh so its not just where i live then that they give out OLD books the oldest books i mostly take are from 2006 but i did take one only these past 12 months that was printed in 1998
  • Truthexplorer
    R&R.......You are absolutely correct in your summary of why the meetings are boring. It reminds me of that comical line in trains planes and automobiles when Steve Martin tells John Candy how he would rather endure an insurance seminar for days.......and enjoy it'. In other words John Candys character bored the ass of steve Martins Character. That's exactly how I personally feel about the meetings. I admit some talks are quite good, but on the whole the meeting is generally boring and uninspiring. The meetings, I find are monotonous, dogmatic, repetitive and simply don't reach the heart. The fact that I KNOW Watchtower has so many questionable teachings, policies and rules further adds to the discouragement I (and many others) feel during the meetings and therefore leads to lack of appreciation as to what's being said at the meetings. In turn this leads to the half heartedness many witnesses feel.
  • ozbrad
    I found the back of the toilet door more interesting.
  • dropoffyourkeylee
    There used to be some funny cartoon videos on YouTube about the boring meetings. Hilarious
  • mrmagic
    The boredom truly was agonizing to me. So glad I left.
  • punkofnice

    I used to sit there wondering who the lights would fall on if they cam loose. I used to think of stories I could write about exploring under the sea. I used to think about what rock'n'roll songs could be played on the kingdum hell joanna (piano).

    The boredom is all part of the 'mind cleansing(tm)' process, I'm sure. Make people switch off mentally and the propaganda slips in at the sublime end. Even the droning songs are part of the 'sleep mode' indoctrination.

    The meetings are boring for a reason! Reminds me of the film 'They Live'.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    that top photo adds a whole new meaning to



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