In Search of Christian Freedom

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  • shotgun

    For me ISOCF was the first book I read after much of my own research.

    I felt empty..still do by times but Ray's book simply explained so many biblical things that as a JW never made any sense.We were told to wait on Jehovah...don't understand no problem no one else does's a mystery like the trinity which they so often malign.

    I have not read COC yet but have read the Gentile Times Reconsidered....I had to lay off things for a while as it had become my obsession.

  • stillajwexelder

    The order for me was CoC -- Then Gentile Times then ISOCFreedom and then The Sign of The Last Days --- Gentile Times for me was great but only knew about it because of Rays recommendation and bibliography in CoC --what struck me is I always knew the bit about earthquakes was wrong from my college education -- bu to see it in print from an ex-witness like CO Jonsson and mentioned by Ray was liberating -- not depressing -- And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free -- wonderfully liberating -- I am just a hypocrite though as at the moment I remain a witness

  • Nickey

    I understand what berylblue meant by the traumatizing part. Not saying Ray's books are bad. But the feeling of having your whole beliefs knocked down like a line of dominos. One after the other. Feeling like your heart just got hit by a bus. That can be a traumatizing feeling. Not anything personal towards Ray and his books. But just the information it contains about things you really believed in.

    But I believe once you get over the initial shock and times of depression, you start to feel liberated. People react in different ways. Some more than others.

  • stillajwexelder

    sorry nickey if it appears I was diminishing your viewpoint that it traumatized you - -I here and accept what you are saying -- yes it must be absolutely traumatizing fro some to read Rays book


    For any lurkers out there, you need to read this book to really see how far Brooklyn has deviated from the Bible...

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