In Search of Christian Freedom

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  • plmkrzy

    Hi blue,

    I’ve struggled with it for years, in the form of a little inner voice that would look something like a little smurf in a little red devil suit sitting on my shoulder if I listened to how “the society” would chose to define it.

    The conditioning that takes place, once inducted, is powerful enough to convert persons of any religious background into believing they have finally found the true truth and there is no other. Imagine how deep these feelings are inside one who was born and raised as a JW. It is a tough struggle. There is a constant battle that lives inside between heart, intuition, reason, right, wrong, and fear of trusting ones own intelligence, like some virus or infection with no apparent cure in sight, anxiety takes the place of blood and oxygen. You know you’re alive because you’re always waiting for tomorrow to come so you can wait for another day, and another. Why? Because someday there will be a tomorrow that will bring you happiness and a reason to live. But until that day comes, you wait and wait and wait because there is nothing to be happy about now and nothing to live for now, nothing that would include you, except a belief that just around the corner will be that tomorrow that will bring meaning to your life with an abundance of never ending blessings. But until that final tomorrow gets here, you are not relevant. Moreover, if you dare think you are, you are being selfish like Satan, and we don’t want to be destroyed with him do we. Life revolves around Satan when you are a JW. It may sound a bit radical to say that but in reality how often did you think about Satan before you were a JW?

  • DannyBear

    Hello Plum,

    Good to see you stuck around.

    Religion in general is designed ot offer the 'yellow brick road' of promises and rewards. Jw's seem to have refined it even more. Offering wonderful promises, yet at the same time deflating the individual ego (self worth) to the point of total reliance on the religion for every bit of joy or satisfaction in life.

    There is no wonder why we can safely ID the wtbs a very destructive CULT!

    Your words are exellent;

    *** just around the corner will be that tomorrow that will bring meaning to your life with an abundance of never ending blessings. But until that final tomorrow gets here, you are not relevant.***

  • gumby

    Just wanted to say hi to the Plummer


  • hawkaw

    Just wanted to say there was some good points in this thread.

    The price of making an "emotional investment".

    Good one.


  • Hamas

    I loved In search of Christian Freedom.

    Ray Franz holds a place in my heart; we have never met, or spoke, but If I had the chance, I would thank him from the bottom of my heart for what he has done for me. He is an incredible person; may God bless him in all that he does.

    In search was an amazing book. It blew my mind, as well. After my mother miraculously read CoC, she needed something to comfort her; Rays book gave that comfort. It offered hope when all seemed lost; it gave freedom back to Christianity. Ray is a Christian; and although I may not agree with him doctrinally, I fully support what he has done for thousands of people worldwide.

    I owe him much, but can repay little. All I can do is thank him; he is a spiritual master.

    God bless Ray Franz, and all those he has helped !

    Hi Beyrl

  • Axelspeed

    Just about all the points have been covered, but just to add my 2c...ISOCF in my opinion is a must read for any xjw who ever considered themselves an 'all the way in, fully indoctrinated jw.' COC helped greatly in addressing the gnawing doubts I had, but could never be crystalized because I never had the info. Also helped me confirm that the org was far less than claimed.

    But ISOCF was a piece by piece dismantling, that helped to address the question and doubt that lurked in the back of my mind still..."With all the mistakes/mishaps/misguided efforts, what if they still are right?" The chapter on argumentation and manipulation is a must imo for any former died in the wool exjw, regardless of what belief system a person now holds. In order to move on, it was what was needed for me as a raised in jw.

    For those who choose to still follow Christianity, I believe that the view presented in ISO is a comforting one and one more in line with the spirit of Christianity.

    Doctrinally, I am at peace with my current position. The only ties I have that concern me are the emotional/family that are still in.


  • berylblue

    Wow, such wonderful posts!!!! I will read them all properly later. Thanks.

    And no, I wasn't raised a JW. Got baptized when I was 29. So................I guess this first birthday I'm really celebrating on Aug. 12, I'm going to be 30!!!! (not 48)


  • rocketman

    I gotta get one of them there books. I read COC, so it's only a natural progression to read ISOCF.

  • blondie

    If anyone wants to thank Ray, just e-mail him at Commentary Press.

    [email protected]


  • Nickey

    Hey, I'm getting ready to place an order for CoC for the first time.

    How is "In Search of Christian Freedom"? Should I get it? I want to make sure I get the right edition if there's more than one, at least.

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