In Search of Christian Freedom

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  • Valis

    On the blood policy...he makes it very simple...

    As one person observed, it is as if a person were instructed by a doctor to stop eating ham and cheese sandwiches, but told that it is acceptable to take the sandwich apart and eat the bread, the ham and the cheese separately, not as a sandwich. {6}

    You can see Chapter Nine of the book at the above URL..


    District Overbeer

  • AnnOMaly

    Hi berylblue, all

    It's actually physically painful. My stomach is in knots, I'm near tears.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. Even though I read Franz's books a few months ago, I'm still going through it. It's all part of the 're-birth' and, so I'm told, will get better as we learn to adjust. My stomach has been very upset the last few weeks and I feel agitated.

    I've been thinking about that very subject you started you post with - how ppl know so little about the Bible when they are first contacted, that they often lap it up and take everything else on trust. No wonder ppl feel so attached to the 'Mother' who fed them. But it's the Bible that does the feeding and the Spirit that does the molding of character if we let it. Our loyalties get misplaced.

    As others keep telling me, I'll tell you too. HANG IN THERE!

    - A fellow traveller

    Btw, for anyone wanting to contact Commentary Press - one reminder that was given to me, was that Ray Franz has delicate health and is in his '80's and so struggles to reply to all the mail he gets - it can take many weeks. Please bear that in mind?

  • willyloman
    Life revolves around Satan when you are a JW. It may sound a bit radical to say that but in reality how often did you think about Satan before you were a JW?

    Umm, let me think. Oh, I know. The answer is... never!

    You make a very good point.

  • yesidid

    Hi Nickey,

    My husband and I were long time witnesses [about sixty years]. Although my husband was in bethel and had many other responsible positions, nothing prepared us for ISoCC.

    For us it was more important than CoC

    First we read CoC. That destroys their structural credibility. But left us feeling a little bit up in the air.l

    ISoCC completely demolishes the doctrines that the FDS proudly say are “unique to Jehovah’s Witnesses”.

    I clearly remember sitting in my living room sobbing into a pillow when reading the chapter on disfellowshiping. I defy anyone to get through that chapter with dry eyes.

    You need ISoCC to fit all the pieces in the puzzle.

    If you order from Commentary Press, Ray’s own site, you will automatically get the latest edition. We did about 10 months ago. Another nice thing about ordering from Ray is that he gets all the money, and he needs it.

    They are wonderful books from a kind Christian.

    By the way for all who are interested he has some very essays at this link.

  • Nickey


    Seems this topic got pushed back and I lost track of it. I received ISOCF today. But I think I will read COC first. I should be getting that book also. I notice he keeps referring back to COC while I was reading the first few pages. It really is interesting. I use to think the "Governing Body" was untouchable and clean.

    I've only been mentally out a year and still trying to blow some things out of my way of thinking. I start to realize how much mind control I was really under... even though it felt like I wasn't. Thinking you have control of yourself when you leave the KH. But in reality, it's still conforming to one way of thinking with everything you do and say.

    I didn't know the book was that BIG though! But well worth the read. I already have 2 other people waiting to read it once I'm done.

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    I too got Coc & ISoCF this week. They both were larger than I expected, but that all good with me.

    Scanned a bit through CoC, it's really good.


  • Panda

    Rosemarie, Hey do I get to change my age too? Let me see baptized at 22 in 1978 left in '97, it's now 2003; that makes me 28 !!!! Well I am really out of shape for 28 but HEY Rosemarie is this legal? Love, Hugs, Happy Belated Birthday Panda

  • JT

    Traumatizing because the books are destroying all my long held beliefs about the WTS .

    Although I have been researching since January, nothing I have read has so far has been as powerful. I can rationalize away much of the stuff I've read here (as well as other places), but what Franz writes cannot easily be pushed aside.

    It means that I have to seriously rethink most everything I believed in since I first started studying with the Witnesses.

    It's actually physically painful. My stomach is in knots, I'm near tears.

    I do believe all Franz has written, but I can't believe it. Do you understand what I mean?


    if this is any comfort, what you are feeling i would dare say 99% of us felt it after reading his book you will hear this constant phrase- "I knew something wasnt' right i just didn't know what it was" and that is because we were never allowed to get a CONFIRMATION - as jw we were taught to REDIRECT ANY NEGATIVE CONVERSATION to the lasttest article or exp in teh mag we were never allowed to have aREAL DIALOG ON ISSUES so once we get that confirmation that "i KNEW I WAS CRAZY" AT that point we start to plan our exit out of wt for some it will be to DA, to DF or to just fade bottom line we all getting THE HELL OUT

  • berylblue


    CoC is rather depressing. ISoCF (from the bit I've read) is equally painful, but offers a lot of solace (it did for me, at least).

  • stillajwexelder
    I have to say that Franz' books are traumatizing.

    I found the exact opposite -- I found them liberating

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