ARNOLD running for Governor of CA--it's official

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  • bigboi
    Me! It shows he supports a strong public school system and wants criminals off the streets!

    Damn! I never looked at it that way. Ok, he has my vote.

    Bigboi luvs the kids!

  • Amazing

    Hi Bigboi: Yes, Ronald Reagan , while an actor and host of GE theater in the 1960s, was a lifelong Democrat ... but switched to the Republican Party in the 1960s in support of Barry Goldwater ... but Reagan never held public office until he became Governor of California ... he beat the rap as an unqualified actor ... and went on the become President.

    Arnold has about the same experience as Reagan, given his involvement with the highly political Kennedy family ... his wife Maria Shriver, is a big Kennedy Democrat ... but Arnold, unlike the Kennedys, is a Republican like Reagan ... Arnold will make a great Governor and help restore some sanity to California ... I would vote for him regardless of party.

    However, Arnold can never be President of the USA, for anyone not born here on this soil is barred by the Constitution from holding the highest office in the land ... so Governor is it for now ... maybe later on he could be a Senator. - Jim W.

  • Yerusalyim

    In 1966 JFK quoted (misquoted) a "Chinese curse" "May you live in interesting times." Friends we be livin in sum interestin times now!

    The GOVENATOR...I like that. His campaign slogan when he runs for re-election..."I'll be back" (ok, these are all too easy).

    Give this to Schwarzeneger, he's been involved with the community and in the political process if not in politics. After school program ring a bell?

    Point is...GRAY DAVIS is a disaster. Bigboi, why is the US political system an embarrassment...who's doing it better?

    Governor Schwazeneger, sounds good to me.

    Anyone see the press conference...he looked a lot like Reagan.

    Bigoi, My sister used to think when the press was refering to Donald Regan, that they didn't know Ronald Reagan's name.

  • m0nk3y

    If I lived there he would definately get my vote, bah he gets my vote already! Some of my favorite movies have him in .. we have just recently watched the conan stuff again .. anyone that can get that kinda rise outta me *cough* gets my vote.


  • expatbrit
    However, Arnold can never be President of the USA, for anyone not born here on this soil is barred by the Constitution from holding the highest office in the land

    Maybe it's time for the 28th Amendment!


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    No one should be surprised by the conflicting reports about Ahnold's candidacy, especially if they've seen "Stay Hungry," which documented Ahnold's psych-ops against competing bodybuilders. He is a master of the mind-f*ck.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the US unable to speak the language, but he turned his dream of being a movie star in the likeness of Clint Eastwood into a reality, married into one of the countries "power families," and has been a successful businessman.

    The run-of-the-mill liberal candidates are usually blue blood parasites, who have achieved nothing of real value.

    "Schwarzenegger uber alles, BABY!"

  • Yerusalyim

    He's better than Davis, but not the best choice. Too bad reagan has Altzhiemers.

  • RR
    I thought I read somewhere that Arnold has little experience in politics at any level.

    So do all the other politicians!

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I live here! That's just the news I was waiting for before I registered to vote.

    Woooo Hoooo

  • Shutterbug
    Who in the hell wants the guy who starred in Kindergarden Cop as their governor?

    California has (I think) a 39 billion dollar deficit. A better question would be, "who in the hell would want to be governor of California?"

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