Was told I was not progressing!

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    If you're not over extending yourself to promote the Borg's agenda, you are not progressing.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Are you in now? A bible study (their name) has to show willingness to believe without question anything said. Being here shows you have doubts

  • carla

    Years ago when I first came on this board I remember people talking about people 'not progressing' and were advised to drop them as a study. It seemed to me that the person who was not progressing kept asking questions the jw's could not answer. The r & f who did the study may get the elder involved but still the newbie would keep asking questions that had no official answer or may have even gotten the regular jw to start thinking in apostate ways so they got dropped. Then a newbie would end up at a place like this and ask, "what did I do wrong?"

    The usual answer from the board was something like this, "you did nothing wrong! asking questions is always a good idea! You dodged a bullet!"

  • fulltimestudent

    Overrated: Quote: “You're doing everything you can, meeting attendance, field circus, helping out where you can and you are told your not progressing!?! As anyone had that happen to them in the "Trooth "?”

    Searching my fading memories of my former life among ‘B.O.G’s chosen people,’ I do have some memories of discussions among elders about the progress (or, lack of) of individual males.

    But what immediately jumped into my mind was not an example of your experience, but where (historically) this practice may have originated.

    Some years ago I embarked on an academic study (i.e. a University degree) that focused on China in Asian history. Since I sort of manipulated the optional segments, I also took some courses in Jewish and early Christian history. One of those courses included a study of the Essenes through the lens of the Dead Sea Scrolls using Geza Vermes translation, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English. ( Penguin Classics, Revised edition 2004),

    In reading Vermes’ translation of the rules applying to the new members/members of this Jewish cult, I was often reminded of life as a JW.

    The Essene communities were ruled by a ‘Master’ (maskil – Vermes uses the word Guardian). The Guardian was charged with teaching the Community how to live in conformity with the “Book of the Community Rule.” He was also charged with assessing (along with other mature members of the Community) the spiritual progress of each member in his group and to rank them according to their progress.(page 29 of this edition). This was done every year, and all the males would be ranked up or down as judged (pages 30 and 31), There’s pages of this sort of stuff including a prohibition on appearing naked to another male member (???) of the Community, and a penalty for going to sleep during a meeting.

    Members could be expelled (for breaking some rules, including the curiously termed, ‘fornicating with your wife’ (whatever that meant) and thereafter no member of the community was allowed to speak to them or to associate with them.

    So there you are Overrated – some believers in bloody old yhwh have been assessed as to making or not making enough ‘spiritual’ progress in both the past and present.

  • Overrated

    Since I was a good student, I studied things very well. I think they (elders, parents) got nervous when I started to ask some deep questions. And the response I got was wait on Gee-hober or your running ahead of the Org or who have you been talking to or what have you been reading. And all the conclusions come from Watchtower, which put as a whole makes no sense.

  • Davros

    Overrated, there's your problem. The LAST thing they want is somebody smarter than them asking questions. It just shows that they don't have all the answers as much as they say they do.

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