Was told I was not progressing!

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  • Overrated

    I remember, I never was one to kiss any ass and when it goes to putting money in anything, I did it that no one knew.

  • zachias

    My first wife told me that when I was fading, no doubt because someone of the self righteous class had a go at her.

  • FedUpJW

    Yep, when I was still running on the hamster wheel I was told that many times. When I asked what I needed to do different I was told, "Just keep doing what you are doing." I replied that if what I was to just keep doing what I was doing then it was good enough, and if what I was doing was not good enough that I could do something different. So I did do something different. I got FedUp, got off the hamster wheel, quit giving any $$$$$, quit helping anyone other than the ignored older ones, handicapped, and ones who the Pharisees in Jesus day called, an elders today treat as am ha'aretz or uneducated Jews/JW's, who were deemed likely to be negligent in their observance of the commandments due to their ignorance, and those boorish, uncivilized, ignorant.

  • Overrated

    You can say I went from the Earthly Class to the Kevin Class.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Tell them you post here. Problem solved.

    Attendance, hours reported, comments, and a bible study are the criteria. A bible study is the hardest to obtain.

    Family ties and being part of the club enter.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It was a thing in the late sixties, early seventies. If you weren't 'progressing towards baptism' after studying the Truth Book, the time remaining was so short that they had to cut you loose and move on. "Stay alive until seventy five", etc..

  • hoser

    I was told I didn’t qualify as a ministerial servant because my wife didn’t report enough field service hours.

  • EverApostate

    Progressing in “JW” terms means showing Unquestionable faith and dedication to the cult every day, progressively. That means shunning your family members too, in case if the need arises.

    Don’t fall for it. When I was a JW the elders would come to me and say that I am not Progressing because of my low FS hours (3 or 4 hrs per month). I always had many doubts and most of the JW beliefs were either ridiculous or too good to be true.

    Thank Jehovah, I never progressed and finally quit

  • DesirousOfChange

    Now is the time to take action!

    Run Forest Run. | Movies, Forrest gump, Favorite movie quotes

    GTF outta there!

  • Overrated

    I progressed out of the trooth.

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