Was told I was not progressing!

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  • Overrated

    You're doing everything you can, meeting attendance, field circus, helping out where you can and you are told your not progressing!?! As anyone had that happen to them in the "Trooth "?

  • punkofnice

    Did they say what you can do to 'progress'? If not then it's probably some officious narcissist that either doesn't like you or is jealous.

    Why even bother? Life is too short to be stuck in a cult.

  • JoenB75

    are you having studies? I was surprised to discover I am a "revisit"

  • waton

    not kowtowing to the bullish elders enough? nose not enough to the grinding wheel or other brown places?

  • Iamallcool

    What about you using “fuck off” facial expression? Don’t do it too far.

  • skin

    What is proof of progress? I'm thinking it is judged on reporting at least 5hrs of field service each month and commenting at least once every meeting.

  • asp59

    They were basically telling you... you are a good butt kisser. But have you kissed all the elders butt or just some? Go back too the one you missed and your in 🥳😁

  • LongHairGal


    So..you are doing all the wonderful things expected of a JW..but yet somebody tells you that ‘you are not making progress’?🙄

    Maybe as someone said, somebody is jealous. It was my observation that JWs are very petty and jealous. Also, whatever you do is never enough.

    I wonder: Did somebody privately go around with an envelope asking for money for somebody there..and maybe you refused politely because you couldn’t do it? IMO, Witnesses think you should throw money around like confetti, especially if you are perceived to be doing better than other people there.

    If you have covered all the bases and still can’t think of anything..just dismiss it from your mind. And, whatever you do, never go up to that person/elder and ask ‘how am I doing?’

    Don’t even concern yourself!

  • asp59

    It's more of a what if question or have you experience question. Not same org anymore with meeting's and field service. Don't know what future zoom appointments gonna be base on. Maeby they even remove elder arragments. The most important and 'celebrity' arragment they hade in congregations was pioneer. And that's practically gone with the " do as many hours you can or want" new deal. Who knows what new changes are on the way.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    If you want to progress you should:

    Wear the same dress and grooming as everyone else just to be safe.

    Attend all Zoom meetings and comment regularly, without too much original thought which can be risky.

    Go out in Zoom ministry at least once a week.

    Speak highly, even gush, about the GB and The Organization.

    Kiss ass of the local big shots. If you already are, step it up by pulling the cheeks apart and nuzzling right up on in there.

    Anyone can do it if you lose that pesky self-respect!

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