God Bless George Walker Bush

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  • Jayson

    OK T H I agree with the idea that Federal Income Tax is not the only tax paid by the Tax payers. All I have to do is look back in my checkbook to back that up. But can we agree that the "poor" do not pay Federal Income Tax and that Tax is the one in discussion?

    Big Government like say Homeland Security? I would agree that is a waste of money. In time after a foundation is built maybe the FBI & the CIA will be combined and it will be more effiecent....Maybe.....

    And I would like to see the Libertarians again politcal power. Larry Elders is a good one imo. But for now that is not the case. Nor will it be any time soon imo. But in time....Perhaps. And I would like it.

    I agree with your point on "gun conrol." It does not work. Wa state has pretty OK laws IMO.

    I believe that the key is to chip away at the Demo's power base. That does not mean that everyone will become a repuke. It means that we may become more than a 2 party system. A stronger Repuke base & a loss of Demo power could probably (will) make this a reality.

    Rebates & refunds to the KH?..Cool, that should insure a place in the next life.& quality fair & balanced reading material to boot. I wish I had thought of that.

  • Trauma_Hound
    But can we agree that the "poor" do not pay Federal Income Tax and that Tax is the one in discussion?

    Again that is not what I'm talking about, regardless of what you make, if you take home a paycheck from any legal company, some taxes come out of your check, even if you get 100% of it back at the end of the year, because you make below the taxable income. You still are poor, and you still pay taxes. You don't see that money until tax filing time. So yes the "working" poor do pay taxes.

  • Jayson

    So what you are saying is that you refuse to understand that the "poor" do not pay federal income tax? The "other" taxes are irrelevent to the discussion. State Taxes are not Federal. Federal Taxes are not State and Local Taxes are neither This is also not about Social Security Taxes. This is why the left is a waste of time. States have totally different Tax laws they are not the same and do not effect people of other States. This is about Federal Taxes and Federal Income Taxes to be precise in relating to refunds & lower taxes. Besides that, why the refund to people with kids & lower tax brackets isn't something good for all the working people who do actually pay federal income taxes accept that a Republican President doing it is mystery to me.

    Perhaps it is worth while to ask you if when taxes are taken (assuming you are working) out do you know what they are taken for? Do you understand that taxes taken out in Wa is different than in Cali? In fact every State is different. But none of that effects the amount taken out for Federal income tax. And again the "poor" pay no tax. (Federal income tax)

    Joint return Single taxpayer Rate
    $0–$12,000 $0–$6,000 10.0%
    12,000–46,700 6,000–27,950 15.0
    46,700–112,850 27,950–67,700 27.0
    112,850–171,950 67,700–141,250 30.0
    171,950–307,050 141,250–307,050 35.0
    307,050 and up 307,050 and up 38.6
    Source: Tax Foundation.

    Personal Exemptions

    Personal exemptions are available to the taxpayer for himself, his spouse, and his dependents. The 2001 amount was $2,900 for each individual. No exemption is allowed to a taxpayer who can be claimed as a dependent on another taxpayer's return.


    2003 HHS Poverty Guidelines
    Size of
    Family Unit
    48 Contiguous
    States and D.C.
    1$ 8,980$11,210$10,330
    For each additional
    person, add
    3,140 3,930 3,610

    SOURCE: Federal Register, Vol. 68, No. 26, February 7, 2003, pp. 6456-6458.

    In other words again the "poor" pay no Federal Income Taxes. Add a $1000.00 tax credit per child for 2003 too.

  • Robdar

    Good Morning Jayson

    .Good that "world community" of snobs needs some tough love to say the least. Many people like myself have no problem with telling that "world community" to F O in politics, relations and as a person. The "world community" needs a kick in the ass.

    Some of the members of the world community that you would like to tell F.O. to, are our allies. They have a right to their opinions even if they are against what you think this country stands for.

    I don't know about you but, I do not want my "friends" to agree with everything I do or say. I rely on my friends to point out my flaws. Especially if I am going off half cocked without all the information that I need to make a proper decision.

    Let's show some respect to our allies. Where would we be without them? We do, afterall, need them to help us maintain world power status.


  • donkey

    People below the poverty line pay sales tax only and some state taxes sometimes.

    They pay NO federal tax - so George Bush has nothing to do with that. Although taxes are withheld from wages after deducting withholding allowances - the key is that if you know you will pay no taxes to bump up your withholding allowances (each withholding allowance on a bi-weekly payroll is $119) and thus you would not have any taxes withheld either.

    BTW....if you hate republicans then you are a bigot!!! Go to the library and look up the defintion of the word.

    I am not a republican or a democrat...but if I had to choose one over the other I would choose republicans. I can find no party who represents my views - the Liberatarians come close until they put up a candidate - they do Ayn Rand's work a huge disservice.


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