For the love of a good animal

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  • Maverick

    I just came back from nine weeks on the road and one of the things I do miss are my kitties! My daughter calls, E-mails and writes me all the time when I'm away but the cats have a limited vocal range and are not big on writing! But after they punish me for being away, any of you who have cats know what I am talking about, they warm up to me and it is nice. Animals, except cats, gives such unconditional love. Unlike the borg, who set terms on every action. I know that after working and being stressed out, I come home and play with my cats, I relax and my blood pressure drops and I feel so much better! Do any of you find this to be the case? Tell us about your pets! Maverick

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Animals are the best! There's nothing like the unconditional love of a dog when the world treats you like s*it. If only I can find one to be my boss, say a golden retreiver..... oh wait, that's right, I have one.... never mind.

  • Satanus

    Cats are wonderful little buddies. I think i spoil mine (she has trained me well). Once, i came home dog tired, hardly able to move. As i sat in the chair, my cat started licking my arms.


  • Ravyn

    I love my putties! three putties and one dog.



  • JH

    Little animals are the best. They are way nicer and have a better character than many people I know.

  • tinkerbell82

    lol @ JH!!

    this weekend i think i will try and post a picture of me and my bulldogs, they are the CUTEST things!!!

  • onacruse

    hehe...about 2 months after Kate and I got married, this little kitten showed up at our patio door. Poor thing was cold, wet, and skinny (middle of winter). We set up a little bed outside (under cover) and put a heating pad underneath, each night set it on low. (We have a couple of parakeets too, so we can't let him in the house). Turns out he'd been thrown away by some other people that live in our apartments .

    Anyway, he's been around ever since...we've, as usual with cats, become his little slaves.

    We named him Farkel.


  • Jade

    My english bulldog gets in my suitcase when I get it out to travel. I made the mistake one time of packing and leaving my case open on the floor. When I got my black suit out at the hotel, there was white fur all over it. Got to love her though!!!!!

  • acsot

    Aw shucks I love animals, even lizards and iguanas, but doggies and kitty cats hold a special place in my heart. One of my cats is sleeping on my arm right now so this post will probably takke me ten minutes to type. They (I have two) are the best, once I've fed them of course. Until that happens I am merely the provider of food, after the meal they condescend to purr and rub their little heads on my leg and meow to be picked up. Sometimes they even let me sleep on my bed!

  • Nikita

    I have a 6 year-old Black Lab mix who is afraid of water-(he was a shelter dog)

    A cat who loves to fetch (the white one above)

    Another who carries our shoes all over the house (so as to confuse us when we are in a hurry and trying to head out the door-I think)

    And a Blue-Tick Hound mix who is just a cuddly-sweetheart!

    Well, they are all my cuddly sweethearts!


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