For the love of a good animal

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  • LDH

    We adopted a kitten this week. All grey, her name is Noodle. Well, actually "niko" which is Japanese for kitten.

    Anyhow we started calling her Noodle. The baby (19 mos) has quickly grasped the concept of bossing something/someone around if it is smaller than you, and so he delights in telling the kitten to "GIT DOW!!!" when she goes near the chair.

    Ahh, kids and pets. What could be better?


  • yxl1

    I've never understood peoples love of animals. Maybe it's the way I was bought up where animals are used either for food, or to be used for some domestic task, but never to live in the same house as us. When I see people kissing their pets, it leaves me cold. However, my 5 year old daughter has been begging me for a cat since she was about 3, and reluctantly i've just bought her one.Even though it does nothing for me, (and its learnt to stay away from me...) I love to see my daughter getting excited when its time to groom or feed it.

    Animals..? No thanks

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