Holiday Plans

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  • Kathy1978

    Anyone doing anything interesting/fun for the holidays this year? We are not doing much. We got some presents for our kids and a tree. Other than that, just chillin.

  • Phoebe

    I have an online store which is crazy busy atm so I plan to sleep a lot over Xmas! Remember when as kids we had to go out in field service on Xmas day?? I remember householders feeling sorry for us kids and they’d give us mince pies and sweets and often money too!

  • snakeface

    Usually I go to a relative's home and other relatives gather together. Or sometimes I get together with some friends. The past few years I have been in a Baptist church and I get invited to celebrate with the church members.

    Either way, it is fun. No longer brainwashed, no longer enslaved by false doctrines. No longer in a cult.

  • Saethydd

    I'm glad my parents never made me go out in service on Christmas, we would usually go out with some friends to see a movie in theaters and eat at Waffle House. Now that I'm out, my girlfriend and I are just planning to visit her family Christmas Eve and stay home together on Christmas morning.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my wife is working xmas day, so boxing day off to visit son, his wife--and my grandson. involves an overnight stay--so should be fun. got my grandson--4 in may--a radio controlled back hoe / excavator digger for a prezzie.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    For the first time my wife and I will be with our son, his wife and our 3 grandchildren for the holidays. It will be their first Christmas so we are going all out for them. They are coming up from TN to Jamestown ny. This will be the first time we have been together in 6 years. It will be for only 3 days but it will be the highlight for this year.

    When we first had contact with them this last summer we both held each other and cried. I am sure there will be crying for joy this coming Hoilday. Next weekend the tree goes up. Following weekend they will be here. Can't wait! Still Totally ADD

  • airandfire1962

    This is my first post in the group so hello guys.

    I came out, got DF'd, and got divorced (amicably) back in 2007. My mom, aunt, uncle (who was like a father to me), and my eight cousins all shunned me, of course. Well, a few months ago one of my cousins contacted me. He has left the org and apologized for his part in the way the family reacted. He is coming in to share Christmas with me and my husband and our extended family. So that's pretty special to me.

  • Kathy1978

    All great holiday plans! Love it. And yes, I do remember having to go out in service Christmas mornings. And if was freezing or snowing out we still had to go. My dad would make us do a few doors, then get in the car to warm up for a few minutes then repeat until the territory was complete. So glad my kids won’t have to live that life....what a drag that was!

  • contramundum

    I still live in the same territory of my old congregation so I don't feel free to put up a tree or decorate the house, but I helped to decorate a friend's tree last weekend - for the first time in my life and it felt great!

    This will also be the first time I will properly take part in the festivities and I'm as excited as a child 😄

  • Biahi

    Stanlivedeath! Your grandson is adorable, and the same age as mine! We are having Christmas breakfast with the kids, exchange gifts, then go to husbands brother for dinner, more gifts, then back to the grandkids.

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