Why Aren't 2 and a Half Million JW's Not Sleeping Well at Night???

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  • minimus

    This is an interesting advertisment that is in a regional state newpaper.

    "Why are an estimated 2 1/2 million Jehovah's Witnesses not sleeping well at night?"

    Come for enlightening information Friday August 15th, 2OO3 at 7:OO p.m
    Holiday Inn 4 Highwood Drive
    Tewskbury, MA
    Rt. 133 Exit 39 Off Rt. 495

    [email protected]

  • shamus

    I would love to read the story, but it just goes to an email address, minimus. Sounds very cool, and again, would love to read it...

  • JH

    Maybe they don't sleep well at night, because they are night workers and sleep during the day.

  • tinkerbell82

    sounds intrigueing...can we send a delegate?

  • minimus

    I think that the email address is from one of the promoters of this seminar or discourse. My understanding is that those participating are inactive JW's fed up with things. I don't know how they'll pull this type of thing off while advertising it in papers, and not get df'd.

  • Zoewrex

    They aren't sleeping because they're:

    Listening to the funky KH Singers

    Out in Service

    At the Night clubs, drinking and holding Bible Studies

    Holding their annual Barn Raising

    Enjoying the World and all it has to offer............

    HEY SEND ME I'LL GO and find out why they aren't sleeping.

    Maybe the pocket watch trick wore off and they've all snapped out of it.

  • tinkerbell82

    Oh god. i'm hearing that awful kingdom melody in my head right now:

    "lord, here i am, send me, send me....

    no greater honor could there be LORD....

    here i am send me send me"

    :P WHEN will i be able to forget those horrid songs?!?!

  • logansrun

    mmmmmm.....send me, Tinkerbell....send ME!


  • Elsewhere

    That's right little Tink... take me, take me!

    (What was the topic again?)

  • tinkerbell82

    Oh bradley, you cheeky monkey! ;P

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